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Truth or Dare

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The other day, me and some of my friends got together for a competition (if you have to know, it was Dance Dance Revolution, and yes, I was beaten badly.) Anyway, most of us were outside, when one of my friends (all of us are either Seniors or Juniors), who is gay, came running out of the place being chased by one of my friends, a blonde girl, to be called B (for blonde) for the rest of the story for verification. I attempted to chase him also, sure that he had done something wrong, but he is rather small and fast, and I am a big football lineman type, so all the efforts were in vain. I came back, asking B what was the matter. She told us that my gay friend, as a joke, had groped her breasts. The other girl that was there, who is kind of gothy but not really (black hair and clothes, but not all introverted and such, so from now on called G) joked that he had done it more than she had that day (G is bisexual, B is heterosexual with a boyfriend in our group, and both are extremely good looking in my opinion.)
Now, before I go any further, I just want to talk about myself, so that the rest makes sense. I was a 17 year-old total virgin. I mean, not only had I not gotten to first base, I wasn't even up to bat yet. I am just that 'nice guy' friend. Never had a girlfriend, but have plenty of 'girlfriends.' Also, I have promised myself to 'save myself for marriage', despite not being very religious. B is just that nice girl you know, cheery, but not to the point of annoyance. Blue eyes, medium height, average build, virgin, devoted to her boyfriend. G is a virgin, but not by choice. She is slightly taller than B, and may be considered 'fat' by some of the vapid pricks at our schools, but is rather voluptuous and a girl I've liked for quite a while. We are very similar, especially in that we become addicted to physical stuff (I may not have kissed a girl, but I have been a hug freak ever since girls started to hug me, part of the reason I haven't tried to establish a physical relationship.) Anyway, part of the reason this hasn't bloomed into a relationship is because of my chastity, and 'friend' status. Anyway, back to story.
I began to fake pout, saying that even my gay friend has gotten further than me. G just looked at me, and stuck out her chest and said 'Go ahead.' I freaked out and got shy, being a 'gentleman.' At that point, to reassure me, G convinced B to grope her, and turned back to me saying how harmless it was. I did, and was in heaven. I hadn't ever kissed a girl, and here I was, reaching second base, in public! This planted the seed in me,I wanted more, to continue doing it, but said nothing (besides, this was in a parking lot.)
We all decided to go back to my house to hang out (my parents OKed it, despite not being home, since I'm really responsible.)
We hung out, but the seed was still there. I suggested Truth or Dare, and everyone agreed. It was G, another friend, B, B's boyfriend, and me. It went on casually, then I asked G and she said 'Dare.' I was about to ask to do it again, but she had said she would not being accepting anymore dares after this (revenge factor) and B had said she would not do something, while G had sat by and said nothing...
'Flash us,' I commanded.
She cringed, but stood up. She stood where we could all see, and lifted her shirt and bra. Time stood still, as I studied them, knowing that in all likelihood, this would be the only time I would ever see them. It was about two seconds, but it lasted longer, etched into my mind.
As we continued, G gave me another chance dare (I begged for it), allowing me to touch her again. This time I did it longer, remembering in my mind's eye what I had seen. She finally pushed me off, and I began to feel remorse for what I had done. I was begging her to pick me, to do some sort of penance dare (nothing sexual, just some sort of revenge for her.) She didn't, because she's a sadist, and wanted me to squirm in anguish. She didn't hold it against me, but she did joke about how perverted I was (I had spent the whole night pointing out that she seduced me, which she enjoyed.)
Soon, it came time for the girls to leave, and B was to receive a dare from her boyfriend. He was out of ideas, but I whispered into his ear an idea. It had been pouring, and B was wearing a white button-up shirt, no bra. I suggested that she had to walk outside, stand around for a minute, then return. She suggested that she could just change into a red top in front of us. However, we stayed firm. Unfortunately, it had just stopped raining (we had been hearing thunder, thinking it was still going on.) Luckily, B was nice enough to change in front of us anyway. It was really an amazing day, going from total virgin to second base (and seeing two girls topless) all within hours of each other.



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