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Truth or Dare

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i was 13 or 14 when this happend and my friend was about the same age i had an average size penis for my age about6 inches my friend though was well over average 7 or 8 i didn't messurewell to the story hope u like it it is my first one( i will call my first friend jack and my second one james)
I was spending the night at my friend house and we were bord. he is rich and he had a computer in his room.We were looking at some porn sites and other stuff when we come across a gay site he was said opps and closed it but a million pop-ups came up about gay sites.i said just leave them there they don't bother me that much.he agreed and left them up we were both pritty horny and we downloaded a movie from one of the gay sites and it was a group of guy playing truth or dare.we watched it and one of out other friends came over to stay the night.(he was below average in size about 4 inchs).well me and my friend got offline and sat around and played video game(me and jack were really horny)when jacks mom cam and told up its time to go to bed.We dicide just to be quiet and talk for awhile.
we talked for a while when jack said'lets play truth or dare!'
i agreed and so did james.
the game went on and nothing special was happening we just danced around naked pritty much.We were all tired and just kind of went to bed nakied in the same bed.
I woke up about an hour after going to bed with jack behide me asleep with his hard on in my butt-crack and james asleep with his hard on rubbing against my hard on. well i was so horny i started jacking both of them off hopeing they would wake up.They did.When they were fully awake with me still jacking them off james started jacking me off.We all sat back and enjoyed eachothers hands on us. after we we all came we layed back down.After awhile of laying there trying to go back to sleep i felt jacks cock grow inside my butt crack again.I knew he was asleep cuz of his loud snoring.Well i decided to make it go away.when i opeand my eyes james was laying away a bit jacking off.he didn't see me
so i started rubbing jacks cock with my butt.and i moved to james cock and took it in my mouth and started sucking.he moand softly and and put his hand on the back of my head.i sucked him like there was no tomarrow.
i tried to take jack into my ass but he was too big so i consintrated on his head sliding it in and out of my ass till he cam in my ass he was awake by now.a few minutes after jack cam james cam in my mouth and i swallows all of it up.the decided to reoay the favor sucking and letting me fuck there butts.then we fell asleep with my cock in james's butt jacks cock in my butt..all the way in it. we had more nights like these but none were as great as the first time.



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