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Truth or Dare

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I recommend this to all those who are too shy to ask.


To start off with my name is Tom, I'm fifteen and I'm basically your average teenager. My cousin Amy is a few weeks younger than me. She is what I (and a very large following) would class as.. well.. Hot. She's got great boobs, perfect figure, tight ass and gets any guy she wants. We're still close even if I am extremely envious of her, I'm basically her sex buddy, she comes to me for advice and (since I live on the internet (this site included) I know everything, really). She comes over to my house a lot and we watch porn together but nothing has ever happened. Anyway, here's the story...

Amy was home alone for the evening so I came over just to hang out, I honestly had no intentions. We put a film on and sat down on her bed, we started talking about halfway through the film, the conversation pretty quickly turned dirty and we started talking about masturbation. I hadn't jerked off for about two weeks so I was extremely aroused by the mere conversation, eventually I was determined that I needed to jerk off, the bathroom had no locks and was next to her room, so I knew that I'd be caught either way. I'd always wanted to do something kinky with Amy so I quickly devised a plan that might just work.

I asked her if she wanted to play a game of 'Truth or Dare' and she said okay. I set down one ground rule that you weren't allowed to dare the other anything you weren't prepared to do, she agreed again.

She only went with 'Truth' for a bit, I think she kinda knew what I had in mind, since my boner wasn't the hardest thing to notice. I broke the ice by choosing a dare, I couldn't believe it when she told me to jerk off for twenty seconds while she watched! I pretended I really didn't want to do it but she knew I was bullshitting, I got up with my cock in hand and started jacking myself, she told me to go as fast as I could while she counted down. I told her I didn't want to come because I hadn't had enough fun yet but I still went ahead and didn't come (even though she made the last five seconds last about twenty).

I sat down and asked her truth or dare, she chose truth (damn), I asked her how horny she was, she told me that she was wetter than she'd ever been, I almost came there and then. She asked me and I chose truth (since I knew she'd just ask me to jack off again), she asked me how far would I go with her if she let me. I said I'd finger her and she suppressed a moan. I then asked her to choose, she picked dare, (AT LAST), I told her to take off her top, which she (eventually) agreed to, I decided myself that I'd keep with truth until I had some more clothing off her.

Eventually she was down to her white bra and panties (and knew everything from how much I jerked off to what my last sex dream was about).

I finally decided to take a dare and she told me to jack off for a whole minute as fast as I could, (crap). I did it anyway, just looking at her boobs almost made me sick because I was so horny! I somehow kept my load and sat down again. I could tell she was upset so I dared her to finger herself through her panties for the next two turns. I was surprised at how willing she was, she parted her legs and started rubbing her clit through her panties, I could tell she was soaking wet.

I was now ready to cum so I took another dare, I already had some tissues ready. You can guess how shocked I was when she took my hand and placed it on her breast. She told me to play with her boobs while she worked on herself.

This was amazing, I'd never felt boobs before and believe me, it was the greatest thing ever, it was so soft! I massaged them and occasionally groped quite hard, this made her moan loudly. She placed her other hand on mine and I kept going like this for about five minutes.

She took her hand off mine and slid it down my boxers and grabbed my cock, I was shocked but quickly got back to her breasts, she removed my dick from my boxers and started stroking it up and down very slowly, on this note I moved one of my hands down to her panties, I took her hand that was busy working on her clit and placed it on her other, now unattended breast, I made my way down the panties and started caressing the surrounding skin, she shuddered as I inserted my middle finger into her and started getting acquainted with the goods.

She sped up on my dick and I put another finger inside her, I knew how to find her g-spot from reading up on various websites, I must have found it because she let out a scream and started shuddering violently. That instantly put me over the edge and I started cumming more intensely than I ever had. Unintentionally I squeezed her breast extremely hard and she screamed again.

I removed my fingers and she released me, we both laid silently on the bed for what seemed like a few hours, I eventually got up and went to the bathroom to clean up, I came back with a towel for her but she had already got into bed and gone to sleep.

I lifted the covers and cleaned her hand. She opened her eyes slightly and smiled at me. I smiled back, tucked her in, went downstairs and slept on the sofa.



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