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Truth or Dare?

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I hadn't had any type of sexual experience before with another person, before this. I do consider myself straight. I may notice a woman's breasts from time to time but nothing unusual. Now to the story.

I was spending the night at my friend Amanda's house and was so excited. She had been my friend for three years, and this would be our first sleepover. I came to her house, we watched movies, made cupcakes, gossiped and talked about our future. After all of that we climbed into bed. She has a bunk bed and I was on top. The lower bed is a double bed. Twice as big. We had been watching Interview with a Vampire and I loved the male actor with long blonde hair. The more I thought about him and his sharp teeth and what he could do to me, the hornier I became.

My pussy began to ache. When I say ache, I mean painful. I imagined his cock buried deep inside my cunt. I told myself not to reach down there. I was at a friend's house and her bed was slightly creaky. But I couldn't help it. I circled my clit and dipped my fingers into my pussy. Relief and relaxation spread throughout my body. I whimpered softly. Then I heard Amanda whisper 'CARO! What are you doing?!' She was already climbing up the ladder. All the while I was still stroking myself. I stared at her. Afraid.

As she pulled back the blanket to see my hands down my Pyjama Capri's. 'Oh that's how it is?' She said. She motioned me down to her bed. She jumped down there and I climbed slightly wearily down to the double bed. We sat by each other cross legged for a minute and finally she broke the ice by saying 'Truth or dare?' 'Dare' I said confidently. 'I dare you to strip.' 'STRIP!?' I almost screamed. She nodded and I really wasn't up for arguing so I slipped off my capri's and tank top but left my lacy pink bra and panties on. 'Your turn' I said 'Truth or dare?' 'Dare.' Amanda said with a smug look on her face. 'Now YOU strip.' Amanda slipped off her plain cotton nightie revealing her lime green bra and matching panties.

This had been turning me on and I moaned under my breath trying to be discreet. But she had noticed my tiny cry. She fixed her eyes on me like a hawk. 'Lie down.' She instructed. I didn't need any more encouraging. I was down in a flash. Amanda placed her hands on my breasts and began to massage them gently then rough. Either way it sent bolts of lightning down to my pussy lips. 'Oh Amanda stop.' I whispered. 'Stop?' She seemed taken aback. 'I will not.' I didn't really want her too. Then she pushed up my bra and my two breasts fell out. Amanda giggled at their tenderness.

I squeezed my thighs together for a second of pleasure between my legs. I closed my eyes and begged her to go on. She licked all around my nipple turning it as hard as a rock. I couldn't take what she was doing and slowly began to stroke myself again. She noticed and glared down at me. 'No no' She said 'That's my job' Before I knew it my panties were down exposing my entire wet pussy. I myself find the scent of a wet pussy intoxicating. Just as soon as the panties were off Amanda's fingers were fingering my clit. I bucked my hips and squeezed my eyes closed. 'You like that don't you?' 'mmmhmm' I answered. She traced her hands down to my hole which was burning at that time. She slowly inserted a finger and I moaned loudly and pushed up against her.

Amanda laid down on her back, slid off her panties and spread her legs. As much as I wanted her inside me. I wanted to be inside her. I skipped her clit and rammed two fingers in her pussy. She gasped in delight and bucked her hips more violently than I. My fingers were quickly drowned in her juices, I worked up to her clit. 'OOOH' she moaned. 'I want you now Amanda' I almost screamed. She cupped my pussy and lightly kissed my lips and plainly said another time. I stood up out of her bed and gathered my things.

'I never said I was done with you though' She said in a disappointed way. I quickly went back lying down and she contined gently stroking my hot wet pussy. I was so close to climax when she stopped and reached under her bed. I almost screamed until I saw a small shoe box with a few dildos inside. She took a small one and placed it on her finger and commanded 'Lie down!' I did as I was told and she placed the vibrator up to my clit. I orgasmed immediately. I moaned softly as shocks of pleasure spasmed up and down my legs then I grew tired immediately. After rubbing my thighs together I told her I was going to sleep.

The end...



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