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Truth or Dare

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It wasn't gayness, only curiosity.


It was spring break when I was fifteen. Both of the other boys in this story are also fifteen. It started with a simple game of truth or dare that soon got a bit dirtier. Mike was the cutest there because he had a slightly brown skin that really compliments his face which had the little boy cuteness that I am so attracted to. He has the smallest nuts of all of us (I was the biggest) with the least hair and a slightly shorter wang than me and Jake, a little longer than five inches but really slim. His hard cock points up at his chin. Jake is a thick-cocked pimple-faced boy who is cute but really hairy everywhere. He had the shortest cock, at almost five inches, but it is about that big around also! His cock also points up at his chin. Mine points straight out with a slight down curve. I'm a little more than five inches long and four and a half around. Both Mike and Jake are circumsized as I'm not.

Mike (name changed for privacy) Jake (ditto) and me were at Jake's house for a sleepover. Jake lives with just his mom. Mike dared me to touch his ball for one second with one finger. If you wimped out you would have to do something worse. So I touched his ball. Then it was my turn to dare Jake. I made him do the same. Then he dared Mike the same as well. Then there was the customary showing part. Then we decided to up the stakes each time we did a 'set', a full circle of dares. Soon the dares were more and more contact. All of us were really liking it but didn't want to admit it.

Then the dares moved from one finger touching to massaging to full fist grabbing and then jacking one of the others for a certain number of seconds. The truths had pretty much ended so it was Dare or Dare. This entire process started at about one o'clock in the morning and finished at about three but I'm not there yet. Then the daring circles were reversed so that everyone could dare everyone else.

After the second reverse we had a three way jack off. We all knelt in a sort of triangle. I jacked Mike, Mike jacked Jake, and Jake jacked me (he is really rough) for 30 seconds. This brought all of us close to coming. Then it was about ten minutes to three in the morning and we were all tired. Everyone was going to go to bed but I suggested that we all get off by giving each other full-out hand jobs to orgasm. It was then suggested by Mike that everyone try precum from the other two guys dicks. This was done and the next thing was going to be to eat a little bit of actual cum. First we needed cum right. Jake agreed to jerk me all the way, and I said okay but I'm going to teach you how. He jerked me to a GREAT orgasm. It took a while for me to come because he kept changing his grip right before I came. When I did come I ended up having about five times the amount of spunk Mike and Jake had. I jacked off Jake next. It was hard because he likes it really fast and hard. Mike wanted to try a new technique I had just taught him that day. It really worked for him and got small drops of cum all over his shirt.

After we had cleaned up the paper towels that we used to catch most of the spunk, we all crashed for a very good sleep that night.

I would like to do this again and, who knows, I might. All you people out there that think that this is gross have to try it before you knock it.

The End.



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