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Truly Happy

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I went to a fiftieth birthday bash last week and was introduced to two women standing by the buffet table shortly after arriving. Their sexual energy hit me strongly from the first moment. I assumed they were a couple and we all chatted quite happily for about five or ten minutes and as they were a good fifteen to twenty years older than me, I felt like a young 'pup' to them and the ever-so-slightly tense sexual undertone felt more amusing to me than anything else.

I asked my sister later. 'Are they a couple?' and she looked astonished. 'Eh? What? Joan's married'. 'Really??' I said 'Wow, I thought they were really into each other and, actually, quite into me too!'

My sister thought about it for a minute and said 'Well, that's funny, now that you say that, Joan's marriage has always struck me as quite odd and she and Mike seem to lead pretty separate lives. She and Mary are pretty thick... hey, who knows? You could be right!'

I am a hetereosexual woman but I have noticed lately that I am becoming very sensitive to and in tune with other women's sexuality. In the past few years several lesbians have come into my life and are close friends. Women's sexuality and women together sexually is something that is becoming increasingly interesting and attractive to me.

Since that party last week I remembered for the first time in years, the only real sexual encounter I have ever had with a woman.

I was nineteen and living in France in a beautiful town close to the German border. I was working as an English Language Assistant in a Lycee and enjoying the freedom of living far from home, speaking another language and absorbing another culture. On the weekends I used to go dancing. I love dancing and I loved the clubs in France because they would stay open until 5am and I could 'fait la nuit blanche' and go to bed with the sun coming up, the bells ringing and the birds singing.

This particular Saturday night I went to a different club with a few friends. It was further out on the edge of town and we had been lured there with a free pass! I felt totally wide-awake and energised yet utterly relaxed and uninhibited. I'm not usually self-conscious on a dance floor but this time I totally let go and it was like I was in a dream world. We were there for hours dancing and slowly but surely as time ticked away people started to leave the club as did most of my friends apart from my main buddy who was trying very hard with a beautiful French girl. I left him to it and drifted around the mostly empty club enjoying the dark, smoky atmosphere and watching the various shapes in the shadows, talking and kissing.

There was virtually no one now on the dance floor and I drifted back on to it and was letting the music move my body around, totally in my own world. I had stripped the majority of my layers off as it was hot in there and I was wearing jeans and a tank top. My hair was very long and loose and I had bangs and really, at that time my self-image was of a gawky, freckly kid dancing around.

This woman then came into my vision. She seemed a lot older than me but in reality, looking back, she was probably only in her late 20s. To me she seemed almost middle-aged but she was beautiful. She was wearing a purpley-copper coloured dress which buttoned down the front and a low-slung belt. She was Spanish-looking and slim but curvy with thick black shoulder length hair. She swayed up casually in front of me.

I smiled at her and she smiled back and we carried on dancing together for a few minutes. She moved in closer and I thought she was going to say something but she quickly brought two fingers up to my lips, as if to say shhhhh.

I was utterly stunned and my heart started fluttering in my chest. I could feel her fingers lightly brush my lips, ever so sensually and without thinking I licked them, and as I did so. She laughed:

'C'est bon?'

'Oui...c'est bon' I mumbled back. My cheeks flushed and I felt so foolish under her laughing gaze. I didn't know what else to do.

She started to dance with me properly then. She took my hand and twirled me round (the way French people dance) and we were spinning around the dance floor together. It was a sort of fast number and it didn't feel weird, just good. Fun. Then the music changed and it got a bit slower and as it slowed down and we slowed down with it she came closer to me and slipped her arm around my waist. I looked around to see if anyone was looking at us and she saw me doing that and laughed, again. She seemed to find me very amusing.

Before I could say anything her lips were right on mine. It took me completely by surprise. My lips were semi-open but her lips parted and her tongue licked and flickered against my lips trying to tease my mouth open. Her arm was around my waist and her other hand came up to stroke the side of my face and hair. She was so warm and soft and I could feel myself starting to melt into her; my mouth slowly opened and her tongue went right in. Her hand on my waist then moved into the small of my back and her hand on my face moved down my body and onto my breast and as she pressed my lower back into her body I suddenly felt this fire emanating from her groin coming right at me and I suddenly pulled away. Fear, panic, shame... I don't know.

I started speaking in English, apologising and stammering something, I can't remember and she smiled at me, gently but a little mocking too.

'Ah, une petite Anglaise! Vous etes tres mignonne Mademoiselle' and she stroked me lightly on the cheek and then drifted away.

I've not thought about this much at all in the seventeen years since it happened. I don't think I've ever actually ever even told anyone about it. This morning was the first time I masturbated with it as a fantasy and it was really erotic. I layed on my back in my bed gently stroking myself. I imagined what it would feel like to have her firm thighs straddled over me, her breasts brushing up against my face, to feel that cool, wet tongue darting and flickering like butterfly wings all over my skin, my breasts, my pussy. I got so wet and horny thinking about her and my fingers were dancing over my pussy with such excitement and freedom.

After I came, I lay there feeling so very satisfied and yes, deeply and truly happy.



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