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True Stories of a Connoisseur Part 1: The Mermaid

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hi everybody!
i'm glad that 'solo' is now updated regularly! so i've decided to post some (maybe 5 or 6?, depending on my time ...) of my own true experiences i had with solo pleasure during my life. i hope you will enjoy my stories as much as i do enjoy yours.
i will post the stories each separately under the a.m. main title...so look ahead what's coming...
i am a 48 year old male, artist, living in europe (as english is not my native language---so, please be kind...)
having a healthy sex-live with women, I also have a special relationship with myself, with solo-sessions nearly everyday....for more than 35 years.
what counts most is fantasy, and this is very often related with some kind of 'voyeurism'.
this leads me to the first true story:
in my early 20th, I worked as a local tour -guide for a big travel-company on a spanish island.
preferably regarding my sex live this job was just 'top', because among my guests there were many solo traveling girls...who were very much in the 'holiday mood' of having some fun with their tour-guide...
of course I tried to make their holidays an unforgettable experience...
but I also had my private solo-sessions ... either in my house ....or on a beautiful secluded special place at the seaside, where the following happened:
it was actually not a sandy beach, more a rocky area, about 50 meters wide and about 1 kilometer long. a wonderful landscape...but, as most people prefer sandy beaches, there were very few visitors in this area, so it was nice and calm there...just rocks, the sea...and me.
within this landscape i had found a special place above the sea, about 3 x 3 meters, surrounded by big rocks like a wall, and there was even sand on this place, like on an island...and when you were 'inside', the surroundings rocks made it a perfect hiding place, while you could overlook the area down to the beautiful blue sea.
i went there nearly daily because i had a lot of free time during the day while working with my customers primarily in the evenings. sometimes a took a nice girl with me and we spent beautiful days there with bathing, tanning and of course hot sex sessions.
but mostly i was there alone, reading, snorkeling or just daydreaming...which often led to great masturbation sessions...the warmth of the Mediterranean summer, the relaxing sound of the soft waves and the feeling of a warm wind on the skin...laying there in the nude in a beautiful hidden place...it was a special sensual experience and the climaxes were extraordinary...
one day i was dreaming in the sun, enjoying the warm weather...and was stroking myself relaxed and softly...in accordance with the soft summer breeze...when i suddenly got the impression of a movement in front of my place. i turned around a little bit and peeked through the rock wall.
i did not believe my eyes when i saw... a girl, around 18 or 20 years old, obviously spanish, with long dark hair, who had stumbled up all the rocky way and sit down on a flat rock about just 10 meters away from my place!
i was excited...a real spanish beauty, just wearing a small bikini...and she did not have a clue, that a few meters away from her a horny guy was glancing at her in excitement.
she just sit there, enjoying the sun...and after a few minutes she did, what i already had hoped for:
the took off her bikini top....and released a pair of beautiful small, but perky tits. she had a slim, trained and firm body, which looked so tender and sweet in the sunlight, and with the background of the blue sea she seemed to have jumped off a 'playboys' title. a few minutes went on...i starred at her in growing excitement, when i noticed, that she was beginning to look around as if looking for something.
she turned right, then left, even looked into my direction, but could not see me behind the rock wall.
i was really wondering what she was looking for....when i suddenly realized, that she had slipped forward to the edge of her 'rock-bench'. the next thing i realized was, that her right hand had discretely moved from the back down her butt...and she was obviously giving herself a touch from down there....like wiping on the toilet. i was now trembling in excitement, hoping that my wildest dreams would fulfill....and they did!
i could see very clearly, that her hand had moved from the back to her crotch, had pulled aside the thong and her hand was moving in a slow but constant rhythm. yes, yes yes....she was starting to masturbate right in front of me. at the same time, she still constantly looked around, nearly in a 360 degree circle...and now i knew why: she wanted to be sure to be alone...not to be observed in her following masturbation session. and she was....no one there...as far as you could see....except me...the guy with the first class theatre place!
at first, i was a bit confused about her 'technique', i had never seen a girl masturbating 'from the back', most of the girls i had seen were rubbing their clits from above. but this beauty did it sitting, from behind and below...and obviously inserting one or more fingers into her secret hole. but soon i realized, that this technique had the advantage of secrecy: even if someone would show up, he could not see from the distance what was going on.
but i was not in a distance! i was as close as could be without detection...and i could secretly watch her masturbate, a beautiful spanish 'chica' who needed satisfaction, while anxiously looking around for unwanted visitors.
and i went mad, too, while watching this babe, my 'friend' was throbbing while i was stroking him, trying to keep a similar rhythm like my mermaid in front of me.
and she went into it, i could see her fingers going in and out her pussy, she was actually 'fucking' herself, first with just little movements, but then more and more furiously...and then she even started humping her fingers, like riding...and while still constantly anxiously looking around she suddenly started to rock back and forth, back and forth...and i could see her closing her eyes with her face getting a tensioned expression...then, a few more rockings, a few more humps and up and down movings of her right hand....and she was done....released the tension and bowed forward in complete muscle-relaxation.
i had followed her rhythm...a few more strokes...and 'here it cums babe....this is for you'...i shot loads of cum all over the place...we both rocked the same rhythm, came within the same precious moment....wow!
i am sure, that her moans were as loud as mine....but our sounds of pleasure were taken away by the sounds of the sea...
a few minutes went by. she had stretched out on her rock, i came back to a lower breathing frequency.
as soon, as my 'little friend' nearly had gone back to his normal shape, i went brave and - still nude -got up, and approached her from behind. she had her eyes closed, so she did not realised my presence when i went round her place and stood right in front of her. her legs were still spread a bit and my friend started throbbing again when i saw the big wet spot on her bikini thong at her crotch.
but i calmed down and with a low voice i said 'hello' to her. she jumped up as if bitten by an insect and starred at me in horror. for her, i must have come from nowhere...and maybe she still had dreamed her sensual dream while suddenly a nude young man stood in front of her... could he even have watched her? i could understand her horror...
i started to talk to her in spanish, telling her not to worry, that i just came by ...
i tried to get her into a nice conversation, but she obviously was to ashamed or even horrified...it must have been clear to her, that i had observed her masturbation session...and nearly instantly she got up, took her bikini top and left the place very fast...
i followed her with my eyes...saw her beautiful silhouette disappearing in the distance....
i have never seen her again in real live....but in my dreams she still lives on....feeding my fantasy with excitement ...accompanying me in dozens of masturbation 'fiestas'...since more than 25 years...
if she ever knew...

i hope you enjoyed my first true story.



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