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True Humiliation

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My dad is a chief petty officer in the Navy. When I was a freshman and sophmore in high school we were stationed in Norfolk and we lived in the enlisted mens housing. Donna was my best friend for those two years but a month before my dad was tranferred again I found out she wasn't. She lived off base in a nice house. I went there most days after school and hung out with friends. The house was near the bay so my parents let me stay overnight most weekends and were friends with her parents. Donna manipulated and deceived me and caused me the most humiliating time of my life.


I did masturbate sometimes but once I got to know Donna well we talked about it a lot of times. We came back to her house one day after swimming and somehow she talked me into masturbating with her. We were both naked and masturbated ourselves while watching each other and I was very uncomfortable doing that. She had two dildos and a vibrator and talked me into using the vibrator on myself. I admitted that I liked the vibrator but told Donna I didn't like masturbating in front of her and only did it when I am alone. That was the only time we did it together.

After that she told me I could use the dildos and vibrator any time I want to and never tried to get me to masturbate with her again. Almost every week after that she let me use her room and masturbate privately with the door locked. We would watch porn sometimes when her parents and brother were out and she would masturbate in front me sometimes but never insisted I do in front of her. I always went to her room when I did and always locked the door. Even at my house I was always very careful when I masturbated and was always afraid of being caught by my parents.

When her parents were both out a lot of girls and guys would hang out at her house. I did make out with a few guys sometimes but never had sex with any of them. Her brothers friends were there often but they kept to themselves all the time. They were all about two years older than us. On weekends her brother and a bunch of guys would play cards in the family room. Donna and I and the other girls weren't allowed to go in there because they watched porn whenever her parents were out for the day. We could hear them hollaring and yelping all the time and knew when they had porn on the tv. I didn't pay any attention to it but sometimes the boys were insulting mostly to me Cheryl and Tammy.

They never tried to mess with us but would say sexual things about us and try to embarrass us. My dad got transfer papers in July and I was sad to leave Donna and my other friends. Five weeks before we had to move again I stayed at Donna's house the whole weekend.

Sunday morning Donna, her parents and brother Dan had to go to up to Richmond for her grandmom's birthday party. Her parents just told me to lock the door when I went home. I was never in their house alone before, so I just started walking around room to room admiring it. Her parents bedroom was the nicest and had a deck where you could see out on the Chesapeake Bay. Both Donna's room and Dannys room were nice too and I was kind of jealous that they lived in such a nice place. I was never in Danny's room so I went in to look at it. It was big like Donna's room and he had his own desk, computer and tv set.

I sat at his desk and there was a piece of paper like a label on the floor near the trash can. I picked it up to throw it in the trash when I saw Sam written on it. All of Danny's friends called me Sam. It just said 'sam-cher-tam' on it and it was sticky on one side. Naturally I was curious and started to look around the room more and even in his closet. There was a cardboard box on the floor with a bunch of videos in it. Most were of sci-fi and scary movies but three just had labels on them. One had no label and the other two just had 'sam-cher-tam' on them. I turned on Dan's tv and played the video.

I couldn't believe my eyes at first because it was a video of my friend Tammy masturbating on Donna's bed completely naked. It got worse and the next was of Cheryl who is a black girlfriend who used to hang with us until her dad got transferred a few months earlier. Then it was me masturbating naked on Donna's bed. For hours I was crying and watching all three videos and it not only showed me and the other two girls masturbating but some were videos of us in the bathroom. I could tell they were edited because 90% of the time all three of us were naked. Sometimes changing clothes in Donna's room and many of us in the shower or just drying off. Some even showed us using the toilet and there were several of Cheryl removing or inserting her tampons.

The most humiliating ones were of me masturbating especially when I used Donna's vibrator. There were none of Donna and right away I suspected she knew what her brother was doing. I was so mad and humiliated I took the videos with me when I left and threw them in the bay before going home. Monday morning I called Donna and I don't remember exactly what I said to her but just started screaming at her and telling her how much I hated her and her brother before hanging up on her. She tried to call me back but I wouldn't talk to her. I didn't know what to do about it and called Tammy but at the last minute decided not to tell her. I had no way to get in touch with Cheryl and didn't know where her dad was stationed.

Tuesday afternoon I saw Donna and I immediately started smacking her and it turned into a bad fight. Her brother Danny broke it up and I just couldn't stop crying about it and was cursing at both of them and I even smacked Danny. Donna admitted she knew Danny was taking the videos and sometimes watched them. They both tried to apoligize and tell me how sorry they were but I knew they didn't mean a word of it. Then Danny told me he had copies of them hidden and if I told anyone he would make more copies and send them to my parents and other people in school. As mad as I was he had me so upset I was afraid to tell anyone and still haven't.

Its been two years since then and I don't think I masturbated again for four or five months right after that. I think I became paranoid about it and when I did start masturbating again I was even more careful about my privacy. I don't know if Danny really does have copies of those videos but just knowing him he probably does. All the times he and his friends were in the family room watching porn they were really watching videos of me, Cheryl and Tammy. Thats why they never let the girls go in there and locked the door all the time. Its probably the reason they always said sexual things to me and the other girls and talked to us crude and were demeaning us all the time.

Everyone of them saw me naked and masturbating and at no time did I ever suspect such a thing was going on. The most horrible thing is now I realize how Donna betrayed me and the other two girls. I thought she was my friend but she let her brother not only exploit me but degrade and humiliate me. He let so many boys see me, Cheryl and Tammy naked and masturbating. I am not sure how many there were that watched those videos. At times there were seven or more boys in the family room watching us. I still shiver every time I think about it. I wonder if I should have told Tammy about it since her dad was still stationed there when I left. I didn't tell her because I know she would be just as traumatized about it as I was.

I still masturbate often but try not to think about all that when I do. I'm in Jacksonville now but my dad is due to tranfer this year again. I have dated a few boys but have never had sex with any of them but have masturbated thinking about it. My parents knew there was something bothering me for a long time but I never told anyone about the videos. I read some of the other stories on this site where both girls and boys do it together or like watching each other. I don't know if I could ever learn to like that. For me I can only masturbate with total privacy and I never do if my parents are at home.



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