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True Confessions of a Dark Angel

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The cobwebs were swept from my mind as a small crack in the curtain told me that this morning was nigh. I didn't want to rise as the warmth of the duvet was caressing my body, but I roused myself and opened my eyes ever so slightly. Fuck, I though. It's freezing. The cold winter's day was fighting a losing battle with the central heating, and I found myself sinking back into my warm double bed, totally aware but in sleepy bliss. The duvet was warming up my topless body, and my boyfriend's boxers were clinging to my white thighs.

As I became increasingly conscious under the covers, I noticed that my nipples were cold and perky under the duvet. I wanted to warm them up, but frankly, couldn't be bothered to put on a nightshirt. I began rubbing them slowly. After about a minute of rubbing, my nipples were still sticking out like two ripe buds and my breasts were swelling. The fact that I was becoming aroused hit me and I stuck out my breasts further and began to fondle them.

My body was slowly warming up as I explored the contours of my breasts, feeling rather naughty to be both in bed still, but making myself feel good whilst the world was at work. The duvet was now a hinderance and I swept it off to reveal my body to myself. Blood was rushing around my skin giving me a pink tinge, and my stomach was heaving, wanting to be caressed. I began to tease myself with my fingers, ever so slightly wetting my breasts with saliva and making them swell even more. Oh sweet bliss, how very naughty of me.

My right hand was still exploring whilst my left was flicking and playing with my breasts, faster and more intense than before. My hand was beginning to rub against my thighs and my body shivered in excitement. My hair was in my face and my eyes closed and my teeth clamped down slightly on my lip as my experienced hand ran up my thigh against my pulsating cunt.

I moaned slightly and began to concentrate more on the way my body felt, the experiences I had with my lover and the unadulterated fucking that was exchanged most days. My finger planted on my clitoris and began massaging it, and I began to moan and hum even more as my thighs began to lift up and down with the sheer pleasure of my clit. Naked, panting and deliciously cold, I got up and brought out my bullet vibrator. I pressed it on my clit for a while, my heart pounding, and soaked up every pulsation with ecstacy, before inserting it easily into my anus. I cried out as I began massaging my clit; faster and faster, as the morning poured into sunshine through my curtain. I was yelping and licking my breasts as my body began to get goosebumps and I smacked myself hard and told myself I was being very naughty. My pussy was as wet as it could ever be with a man and my hand was beginning to ache in excuciating pleasure.

I could feel the cold heat rising and rising, pumping up from my toes and leaving my gyrating thighs pimply and red. Rising, rising. I cried out and it rose some more. My pants could probably be heard from the neighbours next door, but who gave a fuck. I was on top of the fucking world and my orgasm was building, and building. My anus was vibrating so hard and my vagina started to contract. Rising, rising. Oh god! Fuck, fuck, I cried out, my hips bucking and my breasts full as a wave of heat scorched my chest. I came so hard that my heart skipped a beat and it only added to the ecstatic love of myself. I kissed my fingers and thanked god for Masturbation.



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