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Trudi's Masturbation Recordings

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An intimate recording reveals the beauty and sensations of this woman as she masturbates.


I feel blessed to be madly in love with Trudi (not her actual name) and to share an amazing depth of intimacy with such a splendid soulmate and lover. We have left no secret untold, no detail of our lives too tender to share openly together. We have probed one another about the details of our sexuality, our desires and our fantasies. She has responded to every curiosity about the way she masturbates and the sensations she experiences when she is in the grip of orgasmic ecstasy. We have made masturbating for one another and masturbating together a delicious part of our love making.
Trudi is the most amazingly sexually responsive woman I have ever known. Every pleasure that she experiences and shares is a precious gift beyond measure. When we are making love, we can fuck wildly till the wee hours of the morning. When she is feeding her desires by masturbating, Trudi will draw from within herself a seemingly endless string of orgasms. She has confided that she has long felt she has an unnatural appetite for sex. I reassure her that she is more open to all of life's joys than any woman I've ever known, and the freedom and honesty with which she embraces her sexuality is only one of her many treasured and gleaming facets. We have shared with you a compilation of our correspondences in which she and I were sharing our deepest secrets (See Trudi's Confessions posted January 21, 2003) .
For several years when we were living in different cities, Trudi sent me several audio cassettes that she recorded when she was masturbating. It is an astonishing window onto her most deeply private and intimate moments. A priceless gift. As I listened, I realized that from these tapes the cadence and intensity of her actions can be experienced and shared as a very tactile portrait of the passions and pleasures of a remarkable and beautiful woman. I have always found female sexual response to be immeasurably mysterious, and I thought others who share the longing to understand women's passions on this level might also find some value. I have attempted to translate into text this intricate tapestry of sensuality in all its colors. I know my efforts fall pitifully short of my goal.
On the first tape, Trudi laid on the floor of her bedroom and masturbated while the microphone of her little tape recorder resting on her chest between her breasts. Not only can I hear every breath and whisper, I can hear, even count, every stroke of her fingers on her clitoris while she was masturbating. The microphone also picked up the sound of her heartbeat, galloping and recovering throughout her experience. It is the most erotic and deeply personal recording I have ever heard. Listening to this tape through headphones is unimaginably, beautiful. It's almost as though I am inside her body.
After laying down and relaxing, she begins masturbating, briskly stroking her clitoris at a rate of two to seven strokes a second. I have watched Trudi many times, so I can visualize her perfectly. She lays flat on her back with her legs straight out, her feet perhaps six inches apart as she presses two or three fingers to her mound and strokes vigorously with a brisk up-and-down motion. She will bring herself to waves of orgasm and then lightly tease herself for a few moments before she begins masturbating again. When she is experiencing an orgasm, you can hear in her breathing and in her voice, the powerful spasms she is experiencing. (Guys, consider each of her spasms to be the orgasmic equivalent of a single ejaculation of sperm, then imagine ejaculating 104 times in twelve minutes!) Trudi is naturally very vocal when she is climaxing, but I asked her to be as quiet as she could. On previous recordings I found that I wanted to listen closely to the little nuances, so I turned the volume up to listen, only to be blasted by her outcries. On this recording, most of her exclamations are hushed and restrained, for which I am grateful.
Below I have transcribed her every word and utterance. I have indicated how long she strokes her clitoris, how many strokes, when she is having an orgasm, the number of orgasmic spasms she seems to be experiencing and the amount of time that Trudi pauses between. The time shown is in seconds. The strokes that are counted are only the ones that are vigorous enough to be audible on the tape (There was plenty of quiet stroking). Trudi strokes herself very briskly for the entire duration noted. After I laid out the progression of Trudi's marvelous tape, I was astounded to realized that she had brought herself to at least fourteen orgasms in twelve minutes. My sense is that there are not many women who are capable of this. I confessed to Trudi that I was enormously envious of this ability. Trudi's response was, 'Damn straight, honey!'
As she is preparing herself Trudi sets up a little nest on the floor. She lays out a large towel, lays out a bottle of lavender oil and sets up her tape recorder. She undresses and anoints herself with the oil, smoothing the liniment into her skin all over her body. She lays on the floor of her bedroom and lets her thoughts drift as she begins caressing and teasing herself into an ascending state of arousal.
When she feels close enough to orgasm, she begins recording. She speaks softly as she begins to masturbate, stroking her lips and her clitoris, touching her body where her desires lead her.
'Paul, It's New Years Eve..'
'I'm finding...'
'...myself alone...in the dusk...'
'... and I'm touching myself.....and...'
'I wanna give...'
'the heat of my body...:
Trudi begins rubbing her clitoris very briskly, stroking herself 90 times in thirteen seconds before she pauses.
Rubbing 13 sec 90 strokes (VERY FAST!) 2 spasms
Pause 20 sec
She feels a rising thrill beginning to gather, but pauses to allow her desire to reform and grow in intensity. She feeds her desire with tender caresses from her thighs to her breasts. After twenty seconds, she begins to masturbate again, releasing thrills that rise nearly beyond endurance, chasing an ecstasy that seems just beyond her grasp.
Rubbing 25 sec 153 strokes 4 spasms
Pause 10 sec
Trudi restrains herself for ten seconds, lightly teasing herself before she feels the rush of an irresistible need to touch herself. Firmly stroking her clitoris for thirteen seconds, she cries out in intense orgasmic spasms.
Rubbing 13 sec 83 strokes 5 spasms
'Oh!..... Oh yes..... YES!..... YES!!!'
Pause 29 sec
Catching her breath, Trudi lets her climax subside. She drifts through some loose associations as she lightly runs her finger tips down the tops of her breasts, then, returning to her loins...
'I can sense... the fragrance of........ Lavender Oil... that I now associate... (gasp)...with you!!...'
She responds immediately to her own touch and again begins furiously masturbating, being deliriously swept to the crests of wave after weave of rapture.
Rubbing 18 sec 110 strokes 10 spasms
Pause 22 sec
'I'm being quiet... as you requested..'
Rubbing 10 sec 47 strokes 2 spasms
Trudi masturbates to another climax...
Pause 24 sec
She is breathing heavily, touching herself lightly...
Rubbing 16 sec 86 strokes 3 spasms
Trudi silently brings herself to orgasm, sighing heavily as she does...
Pause 11 sec
Her hands play delicately raising a sharp thrill... 'Oh...'
Rubbing 18 sec 84 strokes 6 spasms
Rubbing her pussy furiously, she begins to come again...
'Yes... Yes.... Oh yes.... gasps...'
Pause 39 sec
'Oh, Paul.....I'm seeing... the cabin... I'm seeing you moving in and out of the hot springs... seeing us in the kitchen... seeing us by the fire... and in bed... the bathtub...'
Rubbing 19 sec 105 strokes 13 spasms
'Oh yes... yes... yes... yes... yes... yes... yes... yes... yes...yes...'
Pause 38 sec
'Oh yes... Oh God... It's been.. a while ... since... I've touched myself... I see the first star... out the window... and I wish on it... Sanctuary.....Sanctuary... Sanctuary... oh yes... yes... oh yes...ohhh...'
Rubbing 17 sec 108 strokes 6 spasms

'Oh God Damn... yes.... ohhh...'
Pause 42 sec
'Oh Paul... Ohhh.... Oh Paul... (Movement) This is a melancholy time... New Years Eve melancholy... New Years Eve at dusk... OH PAUL... Oh!!!!...'
Rubbing 12 sec 60 strokes 5 spasms
'Oh Paul, oh Paul, oh Paul, oh Paul, oh Paul, oh Paul, Ohhh OOOHHH...'
Pause 20 sec
'There's all right here... at least with you in my mind...there's no melancholy at all... it's rich and full... and promising...'
Rubbing 24 sec 155 strokes 15 spasms
Trudi masturbates to waves of very intense orgasm
'OH!... Oh shit!!!.... Oh.... Oh Paul... oh Paul...'
Pause 20
Out of breath from the exertion... 'and definitely... that's not as quiet as I can be... ... oh Paul... I keep finding these ... climaxes.... within me...'
Rubbing 10 sec 50 strokes 3 spasms
Her fingers stitching away, she comes again...'Yes.... Ohhhhh...'
Pause 24 sec
Fingers continue playing, touching her labia, her thighs... 'I don't know... I've been loving you so much...'
Rubbing 12 sec 75 strokes 5 spasms
Frantic stroking and waves of orgasm... 'Oh Yes, yes, yes, yes.... Oh, Paul...Jesus, God!'
Pause 23 sec
Lightly rubbing her clitoris, Trudi calls up memories to fuel her excitement...
'I see your ...face... above me.... reaching.... your fingers into me... touching me so tenderly... touching me... so very... ferociously... Such heat!... Oh SHIT!!!....'
Rubbing 15 sec 80 strokes 9 spasms
Trudi is gripped by a wave of powerful orgasms, her body is rigid, trembling, her face deep red, tossing side to side...'OH! Oh Paul, Oh Paul, Oh Paul, Oh Paul, Oh Paul, Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! '
Pause 24 sec
Catching her breath... hands caressing her breasts... the tops of her breasts are especially erogenous... 'Its been a long... it's been a... l... images of you.... soaking in... what they call.. thinking of you there....'
Rubbing 5 sec 10 strokes
Trudi briefly strokes herself.
Pause 35 sec
She continues touching, teasing... lightly running her fingertips through her bush...bringing her lover's image to life in her mind...
'Oh.......... No... taking off... I'm cooling Down... ..........I'm still touching... still reaching.... in a love nest................. Ohhh I'm close... I'm close to you... feeling you around me... ......and now a second star... has appeared... and its not even dark yet.... oh Paul... there we are, two stars(GASP!!!)...'
Rubbing 18 sec 103 strokes 10 spasms
A thrill sharply rises within Trudi,. She strokes herself to powerful waves of orgasm... 'Oh shit... Oh shit... oh god... oh god... oh god... oh god... oh god... oh, Paul!'
Pause 71 sec
As her breathing catches up with her, Trudi seems to have come to the end of her pleasures. Her fingers continue to touch and stroke, to caress her breasts...
'I'm going now............. I'm going now... I'm going to get up now... I have to make myself presentable... Oh Paul... Thank you... (long pause).................................... I think there's another one... within me... I think of you... I think of your beautiful... eyes.... looking into me..............quiet... head tilt..........oh Paul... oh... oh Paul... theres one more... there's one more...'
Rubbing 14sec. 90 strokes 6 spasms
The rise of this orgasm seems to explode out of nowhere as Trudi's fingers draw out one last billowing plume of euphoria...'Yes... Yes... Yes... Yes... Yes... Yes... Oh!.... Oh! Oh!... Oh!'
Pause 22 sec
The waves of ecstasy dissipate. Though her orgasms are not as brilliant, Trudi hungers for more... 'That's the last one... That's the last one... I'm not chasing any more... I'm not going after any more... Uh-uh...'
Rubbing 4sec 16 strokes
A brief attempt to stroke out another...
'Uh-uh... no more... no more.. I'm not touching myself'
Finished at least 14 orgasms, 104 spasms in 12 minutes, 19 seconds
Trudi once shared a secret with me. She had started to masturbate with a vibrator. An artifact from her previous marriage, she owned one of those old electric scalp massagers that one straps to the back of one's hand. She had used it as a marital aid during sex, but she had recently been driven my urgent need to use it my herself. She explained that she masturbates by touching her clitoris with fingers that are being vibrated by this thing. She uses it as a quickie when she hasn't the time to properly coax herself to the peak of excitement. I asked her to turn on her tape recorder the next time she used it... and she DID!
Again, Trudi lays naked on the floor with her legs straight out. She caresses herself gently, her thighs, her tummy, breasts and labia and becomes very aroused. Then she switches on the vibrator and presses her fingers to her clitoris. The vibrator makes a horrific clattering racket, but the intense vibrations bring Trudi immediately to orgasm and she continues being rocked by wave after wave or orgasm, experiencing intense spasms a couple of seconds apart. When her orgasms begin to dissipate, she turns the vibrator off, recovers and gently strokes herself until her desire begins to rise again. She applies the vibrator again, and so the cycle repeats itself.
Her response is very different with the vibrator then when she is reaching orgasm using her fingers. You can hear in her voice the way she is thrown into rapture by the unyielding power of the vibrator. It's as though she is being switched on and off as mechanically as the device she uses. When she uses the vibrator, I get the sense that she is stepping onto the front of a run-away locomotive, is being pushed along with tremendous force. She is propelled through gauntlet of orgasms. When they begin to diminish, she steps off, caresses her desire to the brink. then willfully steps back onto the runaway machine. The power of the device seems to perfectly mirror her desperate appetite for ecstasy. I am filled with wonder.
'Paul... I'm going to do as you asked......... and it's going to sound very strange...'
Touch 63 sec 18 spasms
Pause 11 sec
Touch 14 sec 4 spasms
Pause 33 sec
Touch 18 sec 8 spasms
Pause 25 sec
Touch 23 sec 7 spasms
Pause 38 sec
Touch 30 sec 6 spasms
Finished 39 orgasmic spasms in 4 minutes and 15 seconds.



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