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Truck Test Drive

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I once answered an ad for a guitar for sale. After a couple of emails we agreed on a time and I headed over to check things out. I'm usually pretty prompt with my appointments and especially this one since I didn't want it bought out from under me. Between that and my overestimating travel time, I was pretty early for my appointment.

I rang the doorbell and my host seemed a bit surprised when he answered the door. I told him who I am and he said, 'Wow! uh..you're early!' but awkwardly invited me in. As I stepped into the living room I noticed there was porn playing on the TV. He apologized for 'getting caught' but when he saw I wasn't shocked or embarrassed by it he relaxed a bit and invited me to have a seat. He left the TV on as he stepped out of the room to get the guitar. I couldn't keep my eyes off the porn and as I watched I unconsciously started touching my crotch. He returned to catch me touching myself and I became the embarrassed one, but he said 'Don't be shy. I'm gay. I love seeing men become aroused.' He opened up the guitar case and we chatted a moment but my eyes kept veering back to the TV. He apologized once again for leaving the TV on, but I joked and told him 'It's ahhh...very stimulating'. We started joking about watching porn and 'what men do'.

Still touching myself, I could feel the contrast between the softness of my ball-sack and the firmness of my swelling penis. I guess it was pretty obvious because he said, 'Are you going to show me that?' I must've looked a bit surprised because he said, 'After all, this is the place to do it. It's just you and me.' Now, I'm a 50 year old heterosexual and haven't exposed myself to another guy since I was a little kid comparing units with my playmates. But something overtook me at that moment and I said, 'Do you seriously want to see my unit?' Without waiting for an answer, I worked my fly down and reached into my pants to pull out my half-hard dick. I started rubbing the tip that peeked out of the foreskin as I continued to watch porn. He apparently was intrigued by my uncut penis and he moved in closer, staring at it. Being a bit of an exhibitionist, this really got me aroused and I slid my ass to the edge of the chair and dropped my pants to the floor, exposing the full cock and balls. I lightly brushed the underside up to the tip as it rose, then slowly slid back the foreskin to expose the glistening head.

His eyes focused on my cock, fully erect and bobbing in the air and he said 'I've never had a chance to play with a foreskin. Mind if I...?' I hesitated, but my curiosity about what it would feel like to have a man's hands on my cock intrigued me and I invited him to touch it. I laid back in the chair and continued to watch porn. He reached out to touch it like a new toy, playing with the foreskin, pulling it up like a hoodie and slowly peeling it back, watching as the head of my cock emerged from the foreskin. I watched him as he stroked me slowly and explored the shape of my cock head with his fingers, massaging it and feeling the silky yet swollen helmet. His hand on my penis felt really good and as he did this over and over, pre-cum started to appear. He wiped it off the head of my dick with his finger and tasted it. He moaned 'Mmmm, it tastes good!'.

His warm hands felt awkwardly good as they caressed my cock. I started to respond, getting really hard and rotating my hips. As he continued to stroke me he could see me getting close to cumming so he stopped for a moment, watching as my cock throbbed and pulsed. He waited for it to subside and then started edging me, teasing me and cupping my balls in his warm hand. He played with my hard dick, squeezing and releasing, watching the head swell, pulling it down slightly and letting it go, watching it spring up like a catapult. Finally he said, 'I'd love to see you cum!' I gave him a nod of approval and he got some massage oil out of an end table drawer nearby. Then he got on his knees between my open legs, peeled the foreskin back and dribbled the oil over my cock. He spread it around and started stroking my shaft slowly, but with a steady rhythm, holding the foreskin back with his other hand. The lubrication made his strokes feel so awesome I could feel his fingers slide down over the shaft completely, stroking down to my pubes. He held it in one hand and rubbed the underside of my shaft with his palm. I started groaning and lifting my hips. He started stroking my cock with more purpose, bobbing up and down in time with his strokes. After some experimentation, he found a steady rhythm that he could tell got my heart racing! I thrusted my hips upward, grunting 'Oohh...oh, ohhh shit! Keep it up!! You're gonna make me fuckin' cummmm!!!'

My grunts and exclamations only made him work it faster and I could tell he was eager to see me cum! He worked my cock up and down like an expert, driving me to the point of no return. As I thrust my hips upward one more time, I exploded! My cum shot straight up and landed on his hand as he stroked. He moaned with pleasure and leaned in to lick the cum from his fingers. My eyes rolled to the back of my head! He continued to stroke until I was empty, milking out all my cum and eating it. He dropped my still-moist cock onto my belly and backed away, thanking me for allowing him to take my dick, telling me how good my cum tasted.

I relaxed a few minutes but the porn was still on and made me horny all over again. Before I knew it, I was hard and stroking. He helped me stroke a bit but I took over stroking fast and hard. He cupped my balls and watched closely from between my legs. Within a few minutes I came again, this time letting it erupt from the head and run down the shaft. I finished and lay back, spent.

As I regained my senses I apologized, saying I didn't stop by for this. He said not to worry, to come by anytime I'm horny and would like a hand. I've been a bit too embarrassed to go back but I still have his number just in case...



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