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Truck Drivers Relief

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An unexpected event


I am a salesman and often stop in lay-bys, to eat my lunch, do paperwork etc. On this particular occasion, I was in the South of England where I work, on a fairly quiet country road, not used very much by anybody, let alone trucks.

I was minding my own business, eating a sandwich, listening to the midday news on the radio, when a large truck, used to transport earth, pulled in behind me and stopped about ten feet away. As it was a small lay-by their was no room for any other vehicles. I thought, damn, he is spoiling my rear view, and spoiling my peace and quiet, but hey, so what.

Looking through my rear-view mirror I noticed the truck driver get out of his cab, on the side away from the road, overlooking a field of crops, kept his door open, so he was shielded from any cars coming from the front, and the body of the lorry prevented anyone seeing him from behind. Unfortunately (or deliberately as I was to find out) because of the angle of the truck and my car I could see most of his body. He stood facing the lorry and pulled down the zipper on his trousers and pulled out his cock, and proceeded to piss.

I thought nothing of this, as you see truck drivers doing it all the time, but because he was a lot nearer than usual, I could make out his detail much clearer and saw he had an uncircumcised cock, and quite long and thick as well.

I will say at this point of the story I am a happily married heterosexual man, with only a slight homosexual interest. (I had a friend from school, who I masturbated with, but that was all)

Anyway, I looked at this guy finish his piss, and he gave it the usual shake, and shake, and shake and so on until I realised he wasn't shaking it but wanking it. I saw his cock go from thick limp to thick, long and hard. He stood back so he was still shielded from the road, but he was now in full view of my rear view mirror. He must have known what he was doing.

He looked over at my car as he continued to jerk his cock, and I was fascinated (and slightly turned on) watching him take his pleasure on the side of the road, obviously turned on as he could no doubt see my eyes looking at him in the mirror. I am circumcised, and was interested to see his thick veined cock with the purple/red head now exposed, with his foreskin rolling over it every time he moved his fist up and down.

I must admit, I was rock hard by now, as this scene, in the open, very close to me, was somehow quite erotic but dirty, if you know what I mean.

Within two or three minutes, whilst continuing to look at me he started to jerk off quite fast, and eventually his fist became a blur, with his cock-head now solid, deep purple and exposed, he pushed his hips forward and spurted his cum. The look on his face was pure exstacy. The first jet shot out at least three or four feet, the second two or three feet, and the third and fourth just small spurts, but still managing to dribble a bit more afterwards.

I thought at this moment whether to wave or acknowledge this daring trucker, or get my cock out and jerk off hard while he watched me, (the thought did occur to me!!), but I just saw him wipe his cock on a cloth that he got from his cab, and put it away in his trousers, and he got back into the cab and drove away.

I was semi-hard for the rest of the day, and couldn't get, what this guy had done, out of my mind. When I got home I told my wife all the details of what I had seen, and she sat their gob smacked that a guy would do what he did in front of another guy. I was still so excited and hard relating the story, that I asked my wife if she would jerk me off. She unzipped my trousers and pulled my very hard cock out and gave me a superb wank, which resulted in a very quick spurt of my own cum, a large amount, as my balls had been aching all day, it was great to get that relief eventually.

I wonder how many Truckers jerk off on the side of the road, disguising it for a piss? Answers please in the comments section.



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