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Troy And I

Posted by: Author: Age: 13 Then Posted on: 5 comments
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We had a whole lot of fun from this night on until we got girlfriends and even then we would still fool around.


Troy was my best friend since pre school and we were always close. When we were both 13 Troy was staying over my place and my parents were out for the night. We were watching tv and this sex scene came on and our eyes opened wide and I started to get hard and I know Troy did too.

After it finished he told me he was hard and said he needed to masturbate and with that said he stood up and took off his shorts and his underwear and sat back down. I couldn't believe my eyes, his dick was hard and about 7 inches long and he had no pubic hair and was uncircumcised. I couldn't take my eyes off it as he grabbed it and started pulling his foreskin back and forth.

As I watched him he asked me if I was going to masturbate and said dude your dick is huge and he just laughed and asked if I wanted to touch it. I said I did I mean I just couldn't say no and as I reached over he removed his hand and took it in mine and it felt so soft and smooth. I pulled his foreskin all the way over its head and saw it had started leaking pre cum and than I started guiding my hand up and down his huge dick.

While I did that he started playing with his balls and he told me to speed up so I did and about 5 minutes later his body tensed up, I felt his dick pulsate in my hand and his balls tightened as I pulled his foreskin down and cum went flying everywhere, about 8 ropes of cum hitting him on his face and chest and some dribbled on my hand. I held his dick until it went soft in my hands and let go. He smiled and said thanks man and wiped his finger through the cum on his chest and put his finger to his mouth and stuck it in eating up his cum. That kind of made me gag and he told me to try it and well I did and it didn't taste too bad.

He stood up and went and cleaned himself and when he returned he told me to take off my shorts and underwear and I said no at first cause I knew I couldn't compare to him but with some convincing I stood up and took off my shorts and underwear revealing my hard uncircumcised 5 and half inches. He said its not that small and I said compared to yours it is. Pre cum was leaking out of my dick as Troy leaned over and grabbed my dick and as he touched it I jumped but he wrapped his hand around it and no joke about 2 strokes of my dick I shot out an intense 5 ropes of cum that hit my stomach and some leaked out onto Troy's hand and he licked it off and said my cum tasted good and licked the rest off my stomach before he licked it off my dick and well that just made my dick hard again.

So he grabbed it and took it in his mouth, wow this was better than masturbating and it took a whole 3 or 4 minutes before I had cum in his mouth and he swallowed it. He smiled at me and I could see he was hard so I repaid him and grabbed his dick and sucked him off for about 2 minutes before he exploded into my mouth that I also swallowed.

Lets just say the rest of the night consisted of jacking, sucking and swallowing.



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