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Trip to Resort With Friend

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This happened when a friend and I went to a sporting event together.


I'm not going to mention any names or places in this story.

The father of good friend of mine is pretty wealthy and well connected to lots of people. He got some box seat tickets to a sporting event that me and my friend enjoy watching and playing.

I've known this guy for about ten years and we've done a lot together. Fishing, hunting, boating and all the things that guys do. I've seen him naked, and he has seen me. He's a good looking lug and the ladies always love him. He and I look similar, but he's taller and has more hair.

We drove up and got a room because we had tickets for two days. We got there early and unloaded, then headed to the arena to enjoy the first day's event. We had a blast! Box seats with a great view, plus a bar and snack table for everyone that was there. After the game we called a taxi to take us to the local strip club to continue the festivities. Those girls were gorgeous. We each got lap dances with two of the hottest chicks. Man, we were living it up like kings.

We ended up back at the room, just he and I. We are both married and didn't want to chance doing something that might have gotten back to our wives. Some people can't keep their mouths shut. We were both horny as hell. At least I knew I was. I'm sure he was too.

We stumbled into the room and fell on our beds. I think we fell asleep for a few minutes, maybe an hour or so. I woke up and sat up, and I needed to piss. I busted into the bathroom and began the usual routine, without stopping to notice that my friend was taking a shower. He laughed at me, and I asked him how much longer he was going to be in the shower, because I really wanted to get in. He yelled back, 'Come on in if you want.' I thought what the hell, took my clothes off, and got in.

He stood to the side and was shampooing his hair, so he had his eyes shut. I stood under the water and took the opportunity to look at him. I'd seen his pecker before, but this time it was semi-erect. He must have been playing with it before I came in. I had masturbated with a friend and a cousin when I was younger, but had never done it since then. His penis was long and thick. His pubic hair was wet and lying flat against his body and I could see the full length of it.

My cock instantly got fat when I saw this. I soaped up to try and hide mine. He asked to get under the water, and I thought how are we going to manage this? Before I could think which way to turn, he turned facing me and our soapy cocks rubbed right across each other. I thought damn it, that felt good.

He rinsed his hair and turned around to further rinse the soap off while I watched. He is a good-looking man and I was proud to be his friend. His cock looked as though it had grown a little harder after we accidentally rubbed ours together. I stood there and soaped my nuts and cock until it was growing full. My friend opened his eyes and smiled, saying, 'That felt great.' He continued to rinse for a moment while I noticed him kind of checking out my cock. He said, 'Damn, it looks like we're both in need of some attention, don't it?' We both laughed.

He got out and began to dry off. I rinsed off and got out behind him. I finished drying as he turned and walked towards the beds. My heart was racing. I had not jacked off in front of this friend before and wasn't sure how he would react. I didn't want to screw up a good friendship.

I walked out of the bathroom and what I saw made my cock jump. There he was, stretched out on his bed with a bottle of hand cream rubbing it all over his now fully erect dick. I could not believe what I was seeing. His dick was easily seven or eight inches long, and as wide as three of my fingers.

He tossed me the bottle of lotion and said, 'Come on, don't be shy. I used to jack off with my buddies all the time when I was growing up. Didn't you?'

I said, 'Sure,' and made myself comfortable on my bed. I started rubbing my cock to full hardness. I looked over at him and his eyes were fixed on me. He was stroking his dick up and down while massaging his nuts with the other hand. I felt like I was going to explode right then, but I changed my stroke to help prolong my nutting.

I closed my eyes and laid back. That's when I felt him grab my nuts, gently but firmly, and begin to rub them. I couldn't believe what was happening! Before I knew it we were side-by-side, stroking each other. His cock was in my hand and my cock was in his. He looked at me and I looked at him, and we both just smiled at each other like we both thought the same thing.

He said, 'We should have done this before now.' I laughed and said, 'We never took a shower together before either.'

We continued stroking each other, rubbing our well-lotioned cocks. Then my buddy reached his hand down past my nuts and began to slip his finger between my ass cheeks to rub my asshole. I almost came instantly. Never before had anyone done this for me. Then he slipped his big lotioned finger right in my asshole. I just let him take control. He continued fucking my ass with his big finger and stroking my cock with his other hand. I couldn't hold it any longer. I let go of jet after jet of thick hot juice all over my chest and stomach. My head was spinning, but I managed to return the favor for my friend.

Needless to say we are about as close as two friends can get now. And our wives are happier that we aren't begging them for so much sex!



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