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Trip To Chicago

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This happened three weeks ago


Three weeks ago we had a business trip to show a presentation to some potential buyers in Chicago. We had 5 companies and 3 days to squeeze them in so a team of 5 of us went 3 men 2 women. It is such a pain going to the airport now all the security we all got wanded and people had to keep walking through the xray machines. One of my

co-workers Janet had to go through 3 times and she ended up having a long conversation with a female security officer. We left from NY and landed in Chicago later than we anticipated due to bad weather so when we got to the hotel I was the only one that checked into my room right away. I told everyone to put their belongings in my room so we could hurry to the conference room. We finished our first meeting and went right into the next meeting which finished later than anticipated. We went out to eat and didnt get back until 9pm after having some drinks. I am recently seperated from my wife and Janet was a 28 year married woman who I always thought was so hot. I have been wanting to do her for some time now so we were flirting all night nothing crazy but I could tell she was into me but I knew she was married. We went back to the hotel and everyone went to check in as I went up to my room I told everyone to come back to my room to get their things. Seemed like every 5 minutes someone would come in and leave with their things. Janet was the last one to show up to my room and she said thanks for the drinks I had a good time tonight. I said this is going to be a long week so I am glad I have my own room for privacy. She agreed and said I hate sharing rooms with people because you have to cover up and cant do some things you do at home when people are around. I said I know what you mean. Jokingly I said I may have to unload the chamber a couple times and since I was buzzed I didnt care about her reaction. She laughed and said I bet you will. I said like you wont take matters into your own hands either. Janet said I didnt say I wouldnt I even brought something with me just in case I needed some alone time. Why do you think I kept having to go through the xray machine. I started laughing how big is this thing? She said it was a small little thing called a bullet but it has a battery and it come up on the machine. I laughed again I said you must have been embarrased she said it has happened before and she didnt care because its natural. I said YES IT IS. She laughed and said I got to go. I said keep in touch with yourself and have a goodnight. She left and all I could do was think about her getting off and I beat off like a 13 year old kid that just found his dick for the first time.

The next day it was a repeat of the next day meetings in the morning and afternoon followed by dinner and drinks. At the bar we started talking she said did you enjoy yourself last night after I left I know I did. I said I had one of the best orgasms. What she said next shocked me. Were you thinking of me I hope? My jaw dropped and she said you did your horny bastard and slapped me on my arm. Now this girl was hot 5'7 maybe 120 llbs brown hair brown eyes but you could tell she had a killer body in her business suit. I said to her if you werent married I would be all over you. I said I havent been laid in 6 months. She said really so you been wearing that hand out alot with a chuckle. You can say that. She asked are you an everyday kind of guy? I said yea before bed I like to get off but last night I came so hard it was the best one I had in a long time. She said I know the feeling. What is your record for a day she said? What do you mean? How many orgasms have you had by yourself in one day. I said its been a long time but in college maybe 4 times and she laughed and said thats it! I said whats your than? She said 7. 7? How long ago was that she said to be honest it wasnt too long ago. Mt husband was away and I was home alone I took off from work and woke up mid morning and sat in bed for a few hours and I tried to see how many I could have. She said she was so sensitive when she went out later in the afternoon she almost came just from the friction of walking because she was so swollen. I was getting so turned on I said I would have liked to see that joking around? Why you want to watch me. Its not cheating if we dont touch each other and gave me a smile. I asked for the check immediately.

I was so anxious and nervous all at the same time. There were two beds she said sit on the bed. I sat down and she said be right out as she went into the bathroom and came out in her black bra and thong panties and propped up the pillows, and in her hand I saw the silver bullet. I was in shock she said are you going to undress? I quickly stripped to my boxers as my dick was standing straight up. I am average size nothing crazy but I am thick which I have been told makes me a good lay. She took off her bra and started playing with her nipples and I started to touch my dick but she said she wanted me to try not too until she had her 3 orgasms. I thought I was going to shoot with out doing anything. My dick hadnt been this hard in over a year and my balls were aching. She took off her panties and she had a little landing strip patch and was shaved everywhere else. I could see she was really wet already. She put the bullet on her clit and started moaning and pulling on her left nipple with her free hand. She was leaning side ways looking at my face. She said you like this dont you in a choppy voice I said yea you are so fucking hot. She said I am going to cum real soon look in my eyes. She stared right into my eyes as she began to orgasm. She kept her eyes half way open the whole time as she was moaning. Oh fuck oh fuck that feels good and her legs started shaking. She caught her breath and said did you like that? I said fuck yea! She said ok sit still and rolled over on all fours and stuck the bullet between her legs and started working her clit again and spreading her ass. She started cumming after another minute and let out a load groan and I could see her toes curling and her asshole winking with her contractions. She rolled on her ass sitting across from me and slapped on her clit lighly and said that felt good but wish she had her dildo at home because she wanted to feel something inside her. I was in a daze my dick has its own heartbeat now, my balls were getting bluer by the second. She told me to lay down so I did. She got up and stood over my head so I could look directly up her cracks. She threw the bullet on the other bed and said she was going to do this the old fashion way she started rubbing her clit in a cirle motion just 2 1/2 feet above my face I could smell her and it was making me so hot I reached for my dick again and she said if you dont wait I'm stopping. I stopped instantly. She said you really want to cum dont you watching me rubbing my pussy? I was getting delerious at this point and I could tell she was going to cum her legs got real shaky and she had to squat from falling by holding the back board of the bed. She was only now a foot maybe less away from my chin and she came so hard and screamed so loud I thought someone would hear her. She jumped down off the bed and sat back down and said your turn. I sat to the side of the bed feet on the floor directly across from her as she had her legs spread. I said I want you to cum with me if you can. I pulled down my boxers and she said what a nice fat dick. I said thanks and began to stroke it as she was looking at my cock the whole time as she slid her finger inside herself. She was going at a quick pace and I could hear the squishy sounds. With in a minute I told her I was going to cum she picked up her pace and I shot a load that landed 3 feet away on her bed. Some of it hit her legs and the floor. I must have came for like 30 seconds because my contractions were so long and the ropes I shot were thick. She didnt cum that time but said holy shit I never seen that much of a load in a real long time. I laid down on my back out of breath and said I needed that. She got up got a towel and cleaned her legs, bed, and floor and handed me the towel. She said that was amazing but. I need some recovery time I said.

As we were sitting there she said what did you like seeing the most which was the most exciting and sexy part of my sessions? I told her I love asses and when you bent over and spread your ass and your asshole started winking at me I almost couldnt take it. She said the last one she did when I was looking straight up at her made her so hot but wacthing me cum was great and wanted me to do it again for her but wanted me to stand up and see how far I could shoot. I said ok but I want you to bend over on the bed while I do it and spread those ass cheeks for me. With out hesitating she got up on all fours and was looking back at me spreading her cheeks. She said stroke it as fast as you can and let me know when you are going to cum. She said do you want me to play with my ass. I said yes and she stuck her middle finger deep in her ass. My cock couldnt take it. I said Im gonna cum and I shot a huge load not like the last time but I got a lot more on her this time. I coated the back of her legs and ass with my load. She grabbed the towel cleaned herself off and said that was awesome. I said I think I am done now for the night. She laughed gave me the towel and I cleaned up. I said can we do this again tomorrow? Yea why not. I said holy shit its midnight we have to get up early we have a big day tomorrow. She said I have to shower see ya in the morning. I left went right to bed.

The next morning we all met at the conference room and when no one was looking gave me a wink. After the meeting she came over to me and whispered my clit is so swollen right now from last night I cant wait to show you how I am going to get off tonight...To be continued...



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