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Travelling With Female Co-worker

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This wonderful thing happened on a recent business trip.


I'm a 55-year-old professional in the business world. I travel frequently. On one recent trip a female co-worker in our Marketing Department accompanied me to get feedback from customers on several new product ideas.

She is a lesbian, however she isn't a 'butch' type. In fact she is quite attractive. She just simply prefers women to men. After a hard day of flying and renting a car and making visits to see customers we checked into a nice hotel. During the day driving between seeing customers she talked quite openly about her girlfriend which elicited some sexual questions from me. This basically broke the barrier between us. After dinner that night we sat in the hotel lounge and talked a mix of business and personal things.

About 10:00pm I gave a yawn and said I was ready for bed. I joked that I was going to go up and put on a movie, then go to sleep. She asked me what I was going to watch and I joked 'Oh one of those X Rated things.' She said 'Really?' I smiled and said 'Maybe' and laughed. She said 'I wonder if they have any girl/girl movies?' I told her they always had one of those in the menu. She then said 'Mind if I watch it with you?' Wow, I'm thinking! I told her SURE!

We went to my room and I pulled the menu for adult movies up on the screen. Sure enough, there was a movie that insinuated all girl on girl action. I pressed the play button to order the movie and we both propped ourselves up against the headboard on the bed. We were side by side but probably two feet apart, and fully clothed.

The movie didn't take long to get right into girl girl sex with explicit medically close up shots of vibrator action, etc. I was really enjoying the movie, as most men like these kinds of movies too. After a while I asked her if she was enjoying the movie and she said she sure was! She would make comments about the women's pussies. I'd ask her if she would enjoy touching this one or that one, etc. We were having fun!

I was allowing myself to get a ripping good hard-on too. At one point she asked me if I was enjoying the movie and I told her I was and she said 'I can tell!' At that we both laughed. I laid my hand on my bulge and just slowly rubbed it. I finally looked at her and she looked at me and I said 'Do you mind that I do this?' I told her I didn't think I had ever made it through one of these X rated movies without cumming. She just smiled really big and said 'Go for it!'

I couldn't believe it. She watched as I unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants, lifted my butt, and then pulled my pants and underwear down to my ankles. My dick was rock hard and throbbing. I looked at her and she was looking at my dick. I started slowly stroking it and I told her it felt as good as hell to do what I was doing. She turned back to the TV and watched a bit more. I couldn't resist telling her to join me if she was so inclined. She looked and gave me a devilish smile but didn't say yes or no.

I was watching from the corner of my eye when she finally laid her hand between her legs and began rubbing herself. Lesbian or not, I was dying to see her naked. I said the same thing to her that she said to me. I said 'Go for it.' She unzipped her pants and slid out of them. We were both laying on the bed naked from the waist down with our pants bunched up around our ankles. She had a very nice mound of closely trimmed black hair and pussy lips that looked wonderful. She opened her legs and began rubbing her clit and every now and then slid a finger or two inside her pussy for moisture. It was awesome. I moved closer to her and I laid there jacking myself with my right hand and she laid there rubbing her clit and fingering herself, holding her lips open with her left hand and working her clit with her right hand. We watched all the hot action on the screen and talked a bit while we masturbated about how turned on the movie was making us, and I was then asking her blunt questions about her sex life with her girlfriend. She told me they masturbated together frequently. Our hands continued to work ourselves.

Finally I told her I couldn't take any more and I was about to cum and she turned her head and watched as I pumped cum all over my stomach. She started really going at her clit and she arched her back and shook and shuddered and had a huge orgasm about three minutes after mine. Afterwards we just continued to lay there naked from the waist down talking about sex while the movie played on. I told her how much I had enjoyed what had just happened and she admitted she did too, but that what had happened would be kept very, very secret. We certainly wouldn't want to be fired from our jobs.

We flew home the next afternoon after several more appointments and we gave each other a big goodbye hug at our home airport. We never mentioned it again. It was truly awesome and the experience of a lifetime. In hindsight ... I never even got to see her breasts!



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