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Female Solo, and Female-Female.

I wonder if boys have any idea what it is really like for a girl? Then again, do we really know what it is like for a boy?


You see, a boy's genitals are obviously apparent. When he gets horny, there is nowhere to hide the bulge, and I can only imagine the horror of sperm-soaked PJs when the wet dreams come along.

But for me, it was quite different. As with all girls, my pussy was nestled between my legs, and hell, I needed a carefully placed mirror to see what I was really like down there. Then came puberty, and with it the increased discharge that now stained my panties, and sometimes smelled musky. As soon as I started to develop, I noticed the looks I got from men and boys. Always trying to look up my skirt.

Then came the horror of periods starting. Why do they tell us it is such a wonderful thing. Its horrid. Irregular, unpredictable and highly embarrassing. Oh sure, tampons, they all say. If your hymen is still intact even the very slim ones are impossible. From the ages of 13 to 14 I hated my pussy. I hated the two-facedness of it. How it would make me embarrassed and wet, but also how, sometimes it would make me feel warm and fuzzy.

Then, when I was 15, the change happened. I realised one day how powerful my pussy was...how much men and boys wanted to see it, touch it, and yes, even fuck it. How my pussy, (at the time I called it 'my little pissy-pussy') put me so totally in control.

And then, one hot summer night, I lay sweating on top of my duvet naked and restless. But it wasn't the summer heat, nor ever the endless whirring of the crickets that kept me awake. I discovered my clit that night and, for the first time ever, my world shattered and splintered into coloured shards of light as I came for the first time.

It was then that I found my real power, and my pussy transformed into something quite wonderful for me.

Oh, I had sex, of course, but it was the touch of another girl again that really showed me the power of sex. I orgasmed like never before. I squirted, or peed, to this day, I am not sure which. It was an afternoon of hot, sticky depravity during which we competed to use the dirtiest words or do the dirtiest things. It was base, lustful and utterly wonderful.

The first time I masturbated a boy, I was amazed at how hard his dick was and yet it didn't seem to be hurting him. I felt the mastery of my hand over his feelings and the heaviness of his balls in my other hand. I loved the feeling, the heat and the scent of him. When he spurted, I loved that strange almost metallic tang of sperm. I knew I was safe with him though because he was so much older and there was no way he was going to blab it around.

I love masturbation far more than sex. I am married now and my husband says I am a Master of masterbation. Oh, sure, we 'do it', but he prefers what I can do with my hands (and other parts of me) and I love his fingers and what they do to me.

My girlfriend ensures she sees to my more primitive sexual desires that are too much for my husband. Sometimes we meet up and masturbate together for a whole evening and night.

My 'little pissy pussy' has transformed into something miraculous.



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