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Traitorous Love

Posted by: Author: Age: 19 Posted on: 1 comments
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I write lesbian erotica and I eventually want to get published. I'm young but I want to get experienced in the world of writing. I want to educate myself with peoples feedback. Thank you so much!


She came to me like a ghost from the past. The last traitorous three months had been nothing but constant havoc. We barely even spoke after we found out about her fatal disease. She shunned me, for she didn't want me to miss her when she was gone. Little did she know, that she was it for me; The love of my life and there was no one else. I craved for her, for her soul, her body, her spirit. She hid from me. But today, She came. She came to our room. She came to the place where we had our most intimate moments and laid right next to me. This helpless beauty, so scared and alone, that I loved so much wanted me back in her life. I could see it in her face that she missed me, she missed us. She didn't say a single word. She moved closer and closer until I could feel her hot breath on my shoulder.

She reached out and tenderly touched my face, such a familiar feeling that I missed so much. She pulled me in close to her and kissed my always chapped lips. Her soft, moist, warm lips caressed mine, filling me with a slight tingling sensation. Moments later her tongue emerged into my mouth. I could feel the energy between us levitate. She pressed her tongue deeper, deeper into my mouth. I grazed her breasts and could feel her hard, protruding nipples through her thin, slightly wet shirt. The thought of her sickness faded away. All that was there was her and me. I pulled her shirt over her head and nuzzled my face in between her round, swollen tits. I licked her slowly from her chest to the tip of her nipple and circled it slowly, I felt her body quiver. She was getting hot and I had to hold myself back from ripping her pants off and tonguing her. I liked to tease her. Especially since its been so long, I wasn't going to waste this on a quicky. No, I was going to torture the shit out of her, make her beg for this.

She pushed me away and unbuttoned my dress. She knew the game I wanted to play. She ran her sharp nails down my spine, I shook. I could feel my pussy getting wet. I wanted her more than ever before, but not just yet. She ran her fingers down my breasts, my heavy breathing stomach, and right over my hard clit. I couldn't handle it. I wanted to explode. I flipped her over and hastily removed her shorts, exposing a luscious, flesh colored lip. I ripped off her briefs and breathed in her air. I urged my tongue on to her bulging clit. She moaned a deep moan of satisfaction. The burning desire in her wet, bothered cunt was being relieved. I vibrated my tongue fasted and faster as her breath got heavy and body became heavy and tense. I don't want her to cum yet and I know she's close. Her clit is so hard its piercing my tongue. I stop and suck hard on her clit as if it were her nipple, making her scream in discomfort and stimulation at the same time. I left the room for a second and she begs me to return. I come back, with a black tie and a surprise that she is not suspecting.

I tie the tie around her eyes, she is moving her body as if to invite anyone in to finish her off. She is trembling and ready to cum and any second. But my plan is to stall, I want her to get off like she never has before. I have a piece of ice in my mouth, I go back down on her. She cries at the first encounter. It is cold and wet. Her pussy is pulsing, She can barely hold herself back. I rub her clit with the ice and numb her a bit. Her cunt is radiating. The ice wears off and she starts to arch her back. There's no holding her back now. I lick her faster, faster, faster, faster, harder, harder, harder, harder. She's screaming don't stop, don't stop. Her toes are curling, nails digging into my back, she's almost there. Faster, faster, faster. Don't stop. Her body convulses and she screams I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I put my mouth on her soaking pussy as she squirts in my mouth, then back on her rock hard clit, she begs me to stop, she can't handle anymore. I hold her down and keep going. She moans in agony and she fucking screams and cums again. I thrust my fingers into her warm, drenched cunt and she pulls her sweaty, exhausted body up to me and onto my hand. She rides my hand and I feel so much power. Her juices all over me I cum just from getting her off.

When she's done, we lay here in silence, holding each other tight, hoping to never let go. "I love you forever", she whispers, "and into eternity, please never let me go."



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