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I would like to tell you what I do when I am outdoors alone. This is a true story.



I have read a few stories here from girls who like to masturbate outdoors.

This is something that I have been doing for a few months, and I love it. I started by doing it at the bottom of our garden, where no one could see me. At first I used to just put my hand in my knickers and rub myself.

Then I started to look for other places where I could take off my clothes and masturbate naked. The thought of being outdoors naked really excites me.

Not far from my home, there are farm fields which have a public footpath through them. These fields back onto the main rail line between Swindon and London in the UK.

I was out one afternoon taking our dog for a walk down there and found that off the public footpath there is a smaller path which leads through some trees and then comes out into small wasteland area of long grass, weeds and bushes alongside the rail line. There is a high fence along the embankment to stop people going on the rail lines.

After a few days of thinking about it, I returned there alone, without the dog. I had been feeling really horny for days, but had resisted the urge to touch myself, until I couldn't help myself.

I came to the grassy area of land, which is pretty secluded, with a high bank on one side with the rail lines on it, and the woods behind me on the other.

With my heart racing, and my pussy tingling, I first removed my T shirt, and then my bra, placing them on the grass. Then after a quick look around, I pulled down my jeans, and finally my panties.

I was then stood, totally naked, in my secret place.

But I have to be really honest. What really excited me was being so close to the rail line.

I already knew that being stood there naked, I could be seen by anyone passing in a train, if they were looking out of their window as they passed.

This thought was what really made me horny. I've never shown my body to anyone before-at least not since I've 'grown up', and not to anyone outside of my parents and sister.

But I've had a real urge to get naked in front of someone for quite a while now. I don't know where this has come from, but I just seem to have found myself thinking about it all the time now.

So, that first time I stood there, naked, I was really excited, and horny, but also really scared too about what would happen.

So for maybe ten minutes or so I just lay down in the grass on my clothes and began rubbing my pussy, which was just so wet already.

And then, from the right of me, I heard the sound of an approaching train speeding towards me.

It was only a few seconds between hearing it and then having it rush past, so I had no time to really think about it.

Suddenly, there it was, roaring past, above me on the embankment, as I lay there in the grass, with my legs apart exposing my private parts.

In a flash, it had gone by.

My heart was pounding, and I wondered if anyone had actually even had the chance to see me, it had gone past so quickly.

My fingers were still rubbing my little clit, which was now really firm and sensitive. Within a few moments, I came. It was such a powerful rush, and I realised that I had cum all over my fingers. It was the first time ever that I've actually produced cum when I've masturbated.

And then, just a few seconds later, another train came past, with me still twitching from my orgasm, fingers wet and sticky.

Again it rushed past so quickly, I wondered if anyone had seen me.

After that first time, I've been going to this spot several times a week for the past three months now, in the evenings and during the weekends.

To start with I would just lay down and masturbate as the trains passed, but then I began to be a bit braver, and I've been standing up when they go by, showing off my naked body to anyone who may be looking.

It's such thrill when a train whizzes past, and I am stood so close to the tracks with nothing on, with my bare breasts in full view, and my fingers in my wet pussy rubbing my clit. I LOVE the buzz it gives me.

The only time I've nearly been caught was about three weeks ago, when I went to my secret place on a Friday afternoon. I had just taken off my top and bra, and was unclipping my skirt when I heard some voices from up on the track.

I crouched down in the grass and pulled my top back on, and hid my bra in the grass, just in time.

On the track, four men in bright yellow jackets were walking along the top of the embankment.

I knew that if they saw me trying to hide, they would ask questions, so I stood up and just began walking, and calling my dog's name 'Sammy'.

The men obviously then saw me, but at least not naked!

(but maybe it would have been fun if they had!)

One of them did shout to me had I lost my dog, and I just said yes and carried on walking, and went home.

That was a bit of a scare!

But I still go there. It's fun.




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