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Training Mate

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My first and only mutual wank


A few years back I was preparing to join the army but was finding the physical preparation a bit dull. I decided to put an ad on the web for a training partner in my local area. I got a few responses but decided to reply to a guy called Mark. He was 19, had similar running times and distances to me and in training for his air force fitness entry test later that year. We arranged to meet at a nearby park that weekend and go for an early morning five miler. Saturday morning came and I went to meet him at our pre-arranged place. We introduced ourselves and had a bit of a chat while warming up. He was just short of 6ft, lean athletic body with crew cut blonde hair and light blue eyes, despite being straight I could tell he was a very good looking lad. In comparison I am 6ft, dark hair and eyes with more of a muscular build. We set off on our run, about three miles in I said I had to take a piss and ducked behind a bush to relieve myself. To my surprise he said he had to go to and came and stood beside me literally hip to hip. I was fairly shocked he was so close as we'd only just met but it was quite a small bush we were behind so thought nothing of it. I pushed the front of my shorts down, pulled out my dick and started to piss. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him do the same to his obviously fairly large dick and he started to pee as well. All of a sudden he said,

'I notice your circumcised'

I was concentrating on staring straight ahead and quite taken a back by his comment so just sort of said,

'er, yeah I am'

Neither of us said anymore about it. We finished up, shook and went back to the path and continued our run. After about five minutes he asked me why I was circumcised, when I was done and if I liked it. I felt a bit uncomfortable but answered honestly. I told him I was done at 16 because I had a tight foreskin and that I prefered the circumcised look so I was very happy with it. As I was talking about it I started to feel more at ease and it actually felt quite good to discuss. The discussion soon turned back to the usual running small talk; sport, work, fitness etc.

When we finished he said he'd enjoyed our session and invited me to his place to use his home gym the next day. I said that sounded good, took his details and we went our separate ways.

The next day I went to the address he'd given me, the house was huge and it was obvious he still lived with his parents. I rang the door bell, he answered wearing jogging bottoms and a running vest, he looked very fit and toned. He took me through his house and explained his parents were away, we went to a building in his back garden which had been made into a very well equipped home gym. He told me to use what I want and that he was going to be using the bench and free weights mainly. He put some music on and off we went. After half an hour asked or so he asked if I could spot him on the bench, I said sure and went and stood over him. I couldn't help but check out his body, there wasn't an ounce of fat on him and his veins were bulging out of his arms as he pressed away. His vest had become wet through with his sweat and was clinging to his slender torso showing of his awesome abs and perky nipples. I also noticed the bulge of his dick through his jogging bottoms, it was laying against his left thigh and I could see it was throbbing and starting to get erect. By the time he'd finished his second set he was totally hard, about seven inches long and pointing straight up toward his belly button straining against his waistband. I said to him,

'Mate you've got a bit too excited there I reckon!'

He apologised and said it often happened when he was exercising, I laughed it off and went back to the treadmill. After a couple of hours we finished, warmed down and went back into his house to get a drink. He asked me to stay for lunch and offered me use of his shower which I accepted as I was stinking. We went upstairs and he said he'd use his own en-suite shower and I could use the family bathroom and gave me some towels and a lend of some of his clothes. After my shower I headed back to his room, as I was drying myself off he came back wearing just a towel. We talked about our training as we dried in front of each other. I was feeling comfortable with him so took off the towel I had wrapped around my waist, standing totally naked in front of him while drying my shoulders and back. He looked at my body and said,

'I see what you mean about preferring being circumcised, your willy does look good'

'Cheers', I said laughing.

'I mean it mate, you can see your whole cock. My bell-end is hidden by my foreskin, you can show your entire willy off'

He said, dropping his towel to show me his dick. He pulled his foreskin back and exposed his pink glans laughing,

'Mate I'm gonna have to have a wank after that training session, my bloods really fucking pumping', he said.

'You can go or you can stay if you want?'

'Think I'll leave you to it mate', I said feeling a bit embarrassed.

'That's cool, see you for a run in the week?' he asked.

'Sure mate', I replied trying not to look at him pumping his dick with his fist.

I didn't know what else to say so but put on a pair of trousers he'd lent me and got up to go. Just as I was going to say goodbye he stopped wanking and rummaged around under his bed pulling out a porn film, he put it on, sat on his bed and started to masturbate his seven inch uncut dick as if I wasn't even there. It was a really hot foreign porno, two guys were fucking a blonde girl with huge tits, one was fucking her arse the other pounding her pussy. I was just about to leave, when for some reason I thought 'why the fuck not? Might be fun!'

I turned around, removed the trousers and sat next to him on his huge bed pulling on my dick eyes on the film. I was erect in about 10 seconds and was really getting turned on. My cock was a bit smaller than his and slimmer but I had bigger, lower hanging balls. Our wanking styles were a bit different to, he had a longer, slower stroke and used his foreskin to massage his glans while I just pumped my shaft fast and furiously! We layed back on the bed and he told me he was bi-sexual. I said I was fine with that, he told me how hot I was and how sexy my dick was. He asked if I wanted to wank or suck him, I declined and said I'd prefer if we just wanked ourselves. After 10 minutes I was ready to cum but didn't want be first so I started to edge. After five minutes of edging I couldn't hold back any more and told him I was going to cum. He said he was to and we both started to speed up, our breathing got heavier and the sound of us wanking seemed to get louder. He suddenly stopped, I heard a grunt and looked at his cock just as he pulled his foreskin back and covered his belly, chest and neck with cum. It was great to see and I followed about five seconds later cumming the most I have ever cum. I covered my stomach, chest and face and even shot over my head hitting his bed sheets behind me.

We layed there, looked at our shrinking dicks, covered in spunk and burst out laughing.

'That was really horny mate', he said

'Was good fun, will have to do it again sometime' I said.

We picked up our towels and cleaned ourselves up. I made my excuses and left as I was starting to feel a bit guilty about what we'd done. I returned home totally exhausted and texted him saying I don't think we should train together again or repeat the experience we'd just had. I don't regret what I did but don't think I would repeat it. Having said that I've never had as good an orgasm since and I do still have his number so never say never.....!



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