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Training Course

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My company sent me on a training course held in a hotel. The first day turned into a wonderful experience...


When lunchtime arrived, I left the conference room and walked to a sidewalk cafe I had noticed on my way in that morning. When the waitress came 'round, I ordered a sandwich and relaxed in the sunshine, letting my many cares be washed away by the Sun's warmth.

'May I sit here ?'

I opened my eyes to see a tall, statuesque brunette peering over her sunglasses at me.

'Of course you may,' I said, having previously noted there were only two outdoor tables. It was lunch time in the busy financial district; 'better her than some fat stuffy banker' I thought to myself. We introduced ourselves. Turned out she was one of my classmates.

As our luncheon progressed, Alice turned out to be a brilliant dinner conversationalist, something I find attractive in a woman. She held my attention; I was enthralled with her stories. I prefer the company of women over that of men. She preferred the company of men, having grown up with five brothers. She found female conversations 'catty'. Of Belgian descent, she also spoke french. A quick totalling of her work experience placed her somewhere in her mid-30s. She said she preferred older men.

'I'm 52, is that old enough?' I asked. She laughed heartily. She lived in an apartment on her own, having recently broken off with her Italian fiance. Her employer had put her up in the course hotel since a two-hour commute from home would have been excessive. Occasionally her right hand would accidentally brush my upper leg, and I found this quite exciting even though I had mounted my wife at four that morning.

By the time we had finished dessert, the flat of Alice's hand was continuously on my thigh. Not wishing to offend her, I simply placed my left hand gently on top of hers. We still had 25 minutes before class resumed, and now she was groping my erect member thru my pants. She bent to whisper in my ear 'room 902?' and looked into my eyes. I nodded a yes and she gave my 'willie' a final firm squeeze before she picked up her purse and took my hand to lead me back across the busy street.

As soon as we were alone in the elevator she kissed me full on the mouth, then wrapped her arms 'round me. Seconds later we were standing before her door. She unlocked the door, and pulled me into her room.

'Would you care for some wine?' she asked.

'Yes, please' I heard myself croak. She took my hand, led me into the semidarkness. We sat side-by-side on a leather couch. As we talked, she removed articles of her clothing. She moved from touching my ankle with her toes to flopping her now-bare leg over mine, then straddled me. Through her sheer white panties I spotted a pink triangle with a black close-cropped 'landing strip'.

I became bold and asked her if we could go to bed. She smiled, put her glass down, rose from the couch, and removed the rest of her clothing. She had magnificent breasts, quite large, with beautiful full dark nipples. I left my suit jacket behind as I rose from the couch. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her warmly, longingly. She tilted her head back, eyes closed, as I moved to graze her neck with my lips. My hands moved, brushing the outer sides of her breasts with my thumbs as I again wrapped my arms around her back. We kissed again, her tongue probing my mouth.

She was undoing my belt, opening my pants. She pulled out my swollen member, stroking it up hard. I moaned, then her open hands grasped my head, pulling me to her. I embraced her again. As we reconnected I could feel my cockhead seeking her damp warmth. She suddenly got a little nervous and said, 'We have to be careful; I'm no longer on The Pill.' I shrugged and told her I agreed.

We lay down on the bed, she on her back, me to her right and on my left side. We were both too hot to keep up this pretense, and both of us needed some relief. While my fingers were busy exploring her slit I felt her hand stroking my very hard cock. I was hoping I wouldn't cum on her too soon. We continued kissing, and I slipped my finger into her pussy. She spread her legs slightly, inviting me to be even bolder. Slowly I slipped a second finger in and began to move the fingers in and out of her lips. As I did this, not only did I get even more turned on but suddenly the way she was stroking me changed. I moaned. I stopped kissing her long enough to say we had to slow down or I was going to shoot and we'd be finished.

She looked at me very seriously, dropped her eyes a little, and said 'Can I ask a favour?'

I said, 'Sure, anything'.

She said she wanted to stop kissing so she could watch me ejaculate. I told her I was very close but would like that too. She pressed my fingers into her pussy. She said, 'That feels so good when you rub me there'. She peck-kissed me, looked down, and grasped my cock again and commenced stroking me. Within a minute the feel of her pussy combined with her stroking brought me to a wonderfully-pressing ejaculation. She moaned as I shot jet after jet of cum over her body.

When I finally stopped gasping and got my breath back I tried to sit up to clean myself off. She had a huge smile on her face. I asked her what was making her smile so much and she told me that she found ejaculation very exciting . She said not to move; she would clean us up. She went to the washroom; I heard the water running. She soon came back with a warm, damp washcloth to wipe me off. She had already cleaned herself up. I couldn't believe how fascinated she was; after all, I was the one that had just climaxed.

I sat up on the edge of the bed with her. She kept grinning and kissing me. Then she started to move her fingers around her pussy. After a couple of minutes, she had me sit close, right up tightly next to her. She put her left arm around my waist and took my right hand with her right hand and put it on her pussy. She then took the long finger of my right hand and placed it at the top of her slit. She pressed down on my finger and then told me to slide it over her clit and then press down. I could just barely feel the little bump. Next, she had me press down again and then slide my finger over the bump back to the other side. She had me do this a couple of more times. She then asked me if I would keep doing that and not stop until she asked me to stop.

'Sure I can!'

She grasped her right breast and began to massage her nipple. I kept rubbing like she asked me to. After about thirty seconds, she started to tighten her grip on my waist with her left arm and told me to move my finger faster. A few seconds later, I heard a low moan, and she started taking rapid breaths through her open mouth. The rapid breaths started becoming louder and faster. Then I heard a loud OOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!

I had just heard her orgasm with me sitting there rubbing her! I was so pleased. Alice placed her right hand on my hand that was still on her pussy. After a few minutes, she took my right arm and placed it around her right shoulder. While she was leaning on me, she reached for my still-erect penis and began to stroke me up and down. It was wonderful ! After several minutes I came, spurting jets of semen over the edge of her bed onto the floor. She smiled, then wiped away the cum with a couple of tissues.

She said we should get dressed. I asked if I couldn't please just look at her pussy for a little longer. She agreed, spread her legs a bit more, put her feet up on the bed so that she was almost in a squatting position, and sat there smiling at me. I sat on the floor gazing at the most beautiful pink flower in the world.

We were late getting back to class but I figured that the lessons we learned over lunch were more beneficial in the long run. And this is not the end...



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