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Train Trip

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Who would have thought the train could be so much fun?


A few years ago I took an extended vacation to Asia. For the few months leading up to the trip, while I was planning and organizing, I had a fantasy that I would have an encounter on a train with a fellow traveler. I was to discover that some fantasies come true.
For one leg of my journey I took a night train from Shanghai to Beijing. When I arrived at my four-berth compartment I discovered the two lower beds had been reserved by middle-aged Chinese businessmen. As I threw my things on my upper berth they introduced themselves (their English was very good). For the next hour or so we shared snacks and chatted about life in China and life in North America. When the conversation started to lull, they began to prepare for sleep while I jumped up onto my bed to read.
A short while later we were joined by a forth, Chinese traveler who took the other upper berth. He was about my age, maybe a couple of years younger, and except for a few pleasantries to the Chinese gentlemen and a nod to me he was very quiet. Over the next hour or so this new passenger left the compartment a couple of times to use the washroom or stretch his legs. Each time he went out or came in he gave me a long, significant look.
It wasn't long before our traveling companions in the lower beds were asleep. I continued reading, though kept stealing glances over at the other upper berth. He was doing the same. I was wearing a white T-shirt and jeans. I had been traveling for a number of weeks, walking a lot, and was in good shape. He was wearing a white tank top and casual pants. Sometimes when he moved I got a peek at his black underarm hairs, a turn on for me. And he kept looking my way.
I began to wonder if the fantasy I had had was going to become a reality. To test my theory I kept reading but placed my hand over my crotch. That in itself felt nice. The next time I looked across the compartment my fellow passenger was looking right at me, with encouragement. I immediately started to get a hard on. Soon he was resting his hand on his crotch too, all the while looking at me.
I could hardly contain myself I was so hard. After a quick look to be sure our companions on the lower berths were asleep, I rolled slightly in his direction and unzipped my jeans to pull out my hard, cut cock. My erect penis is pretty average, a little over 6 inches long. But it seemed to meet the approval of my fellow traveler. He lay back, unzipped his pants, and pulled out his own 4.5-inch boner. Now I was really horny.
He motioned me over to his berth, but I wanted him to come to me. As he climbed across he locked the compartment door and turned off the overhead light. Still no words had been spoken.
As soon as he lay down beside me I could feel his hard cock against my thigh. I didn't think it was possible, but that simple brush against my leg made me harder.
I pulled my pants down and my shirt up. He did the same. After a bit of shifting to get into position, both on our backs, we grabbed each other's cocks. With my left arm wrapped around his back and waist I began to play with his cock. My right hand moved over his body, at times rubbing his nipples, at other times caressing his balls. He had his right hand gripping my erection, gently stoking up and down. Occasionally his other hand would rub my balls and I had to stifle a moan for fear of waking the others.
Except for the odd lamp we passed at a rail yard or crossing, there was almost no light. We were two shadows, occasionally briefly illuminated. In those moments I could see the bush of black hair at the base of his hard cock, as I am sure he could see the red hairs sprouting from my groin.
Gradually we fell into a rhythm, stroking up and down, up and down. Our bodies became increasingly tense. I arched my back a bit. Soon I felt his body tense and the telltale spasms of his cock. But I didn't stop pumping. I was near orgasm and didn't want to break the spell. He stayed hard as I reached climax. I pushed my head back against the pillow and exploded, feeling the warm cum spread over my stomach.
We both lay there quietly, motionless for a few moments. Then he spoke for the first time, and asked for some tissues. After we had cleaned up he climbed back to his berth and we both went to sleep.
If our traveling companions in the lower berths had heard anything, they were discreetly silent in the morning. Few words were spoken by any of us. At our destination, my friend helped me get a taxi to my hotel. He jumped into a cab for his own hotel and he was gone.



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