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Train Station in Rush Hour

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Whilst not gay, I enjoy fantasizing about masturbating with guys, and occasionally things like this happen!


It was rush hour in London and I was making my way back to the train station from where I would catch my train home. At a main East London station I saw the sign for the toilets and made my way towards them, put my coin in the slot and went through the turnstile. I was greeted by four rows of urinals, with low dividers between each one. As I said, it was rush hour, and this meant lots of professional men on their way home. There were a number of such men using the urinals and as I walked up to a urinal I felt my cock twitching in my pants.

I pulled my cock out and when I had finished peeing, I felt my cock begin to grow as I noticed that some men who were there when I had arrived were still at the urinals. I realised with delight that these men must be having a subtle wank on their way home. By this time I had a raging boner and my hand automatically wrapped around it and I slowly began to stroke. I was enjoying the feeling of jacking off in public and had a few glances along the row at the other guys having the same fun.

Just then, a man walked up to the urinal next to mine. I looked over at him and saw he was a well dressed and surprisingly attractive professional man, and he gave me a brief smile. Then I looked down to see his hand around his hard cock, slowly stroking as I was continuing to do. Two other men were at the next urinals and were also stroking their boners. I looked again at the man next to me and he motioned that we should move to a stall. I had not done this before but he was so attractive and looked like a nice guy.

He put his cock back in his pants and moved away, and then a couple of seconds later I followed him. Once inside the stall we embraced and I found he was very gentle, his hands roving around my body. He unbuttoned my shirt and took it off, then his hands moved to my nipples and my cock pulsed in response. He then unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down, asking first and when I readily agreed, releasing my swollen cock from my boxers.

We exchanged whispers about what we wanted to do and his hand moved to my cock. He stroked my nipples and butt as his strong hand moved up and down my six inch uncut cock. I felt the bulge in his pants and he asked if I wanted to make him cum. I of course said yes and he pulled his cock out of his pants. It was uncut, a bit shorter than mine but a bit thicker, had an unusual bend about half way along and was equally hard! We shifted position so his cock was over the toilet and he held me tight as I took his cock in my hand.

It felt great to have the hard cock of this attractive businessman in my hand, even more so because I doubt many people, if any in his life knew about his little hobby. It did not take long for thick white cum to shoot out of his cock and I gradually decreased the speed and pressure of my strokes. He then turned his attention to my cock and once again his powerful strokes sent waves of pleasure through my body.

He told me to take hold of my cock and I did so, the familiarity bringing instant pleasure. He stood behind me and pulled me close to him as I brought myself to a great orgasm and five or six ropes of cum flew out of my swollen cock. We both cleaned up and he left first, then I went out and caught the Underground to the station I needed. I will definitely be going back there in rush hour!



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