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Train Ride

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Last weekend I stayed with my grandparents and it was about three and a half hours by train. On the Sunday I got on the train to come home and it was almost empty. A couple of stops later some people got on and a woman with two girls came into my carriage and sat at the table seat on the opposite side to me and a row down. I was listening to my ipod and reading a mag and after a bit glanced up. It was so quiet and we were still the only ones in the carriage, I glanced a look at the girls, one was sat next to the window with the other next to her and their mum was sat out of sight in the other window seat.

The older girl was quite a stunner I thought, very pretty and long blonde hair, suddenly I noticed I could see right up her skirt and I looked away in case she saw me. I settled back to reading my mag and had it positioned so I could look over the top of it and between her thighs, my cock had already swelled up and it was straining in my jeans. The girl was also reading and as she settled she scooted down in her seat which made her short skirt ride up even higher and as she relaxed her thighs fell apart even wider and I had a perfect view of her white panties stretched tightly over her pussy.

As the train swayed her thighs would flop around pulling her panties over her mound. I was so horny I could feel my heart pounding in my chest and I moved my hand so I could press my cock through my jeans. I didn't think she realised what I could see as her legs were covered from her view by the table. As I stared at her I could make out her lips bulging against the tight material and now I gently rocked my hips upwards and squeezed my straining cock against the back of my hand, I was also trembling with excitement as I sat there.

Suddenly she caught my eye so I just smiled and she smiled back but I wondered if she knew I was staring between her thighs. I dared not look up for ages but my cock was thumping in my jeans so after a bit I sneaked a look and now she was leaning on the table reading her mag, because she was leaning forward her thighs were spread apart and I gazed at the white 'v' of her knickers longing to touch them. Then she sat back again in her seat, her skirt now had ridden right to the tops of her thighs and she began to slowly open and close them.

I thought I was going to come as I watched her panties stretch over her pussy and I had a perfect view of her crotch when she spread her legs, the tight material sucked into her and I wondered if she was damp, I could make out her puffy lips and the groove between them. I was on the edge of spurting and had to calm myself down. Next she picked up her MP3 player, popped the earphones in, sat back and closed her eyes, this was perfect as it meant less chance of getting caught looking up her skirt. I sat there in heaven gently squeezing my cock and staring at her soft thighs and panty covered pussy, dreaming of touching her damp spot.

As I watched she had her hands together resting in her lap but I couldn't see her MP3 player, the wire from the earphones went into her hands and disappeared, then I realised she had it pressed between her legs and covered over by her hands. The horny cow I thought, had it just slipped there or was she using the cock shaped music player for a secret rub. By now my head was spinning, her thighs were still apart but her hands were resting between her legs and as I watched I could make out little movements from her hands, she was rubbing the MP3 player against her puss under the table. I was shaking and again thought I was going to spurt, I sat there watching her, she still had her eyes shut, her cheeks were now a bit flushed and she was definitely poking herself with the MP3.

Sometime later she opened her eyes and picked up her magazine and started reading again. I realised I had been on the edge of cumming for almost an hour when she lifted her left foot onto the seat bringing her knee under her chin. Under the table her skirt was bunched up at her waist and I had a clear view of the whole of her thighs, her pretty white panties had a butterfly on the front and where they creased between her legs I could make out the bulge of her pussy and she had definitely been rubbing herself because the crotch was damp and stuck to her, she gently moved her thigh to and fro pulling her panties into her groove as she did so, I spasmed and creamed my boxers and had to pretend I was sitting up to cover up my hips jerking as I felt the warm jets of my spunk surge out of my rock hard cock. I felt the train stopping and they were getting off, to my final delight as she spread one leg out into the aisle she put her stuff away and I just stared right between her thighs at those damp tight panties stretching over her pussy, a sight I shall never forget.



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