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Train Adventure

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A few days ago, I was on a train and sat opposite this woman. She was in her twenties, maybe, and quite attractive. At first, I didn't take any notice, but then I caught her eye and became a bit embarrassed. There was hardly anyone on the train and only a couple of people in our carriage, and they were at the other end.

I was looking out of the window and I suddenly realised that she was sitting with her legs wide open and I could see her panties. I couldn't help but look and I caught her eye again. I then realised that she was opening her legs deliberately so that I could see.

She smiled at me, looked around to make sure nobody could see and pulled her skirt up a little so I had a good view of her thighs and panties. Then she started to finger herself. By that time, my cock was rock hard in my jeans and I hadn't even realisd that I was squeezing it as I watched her. She looked at the bulge and smiled again and told me to unzip but not get it out, as that would be too risky. I did exactly what she asked and put my hand inside my jeans feeling my hard-on through my briefs.

I couldn't take my eyes off her fingers as they played with her pussy through her panties. I could see her getting excited and I remember that my mouth was very dry and my heart was beating fast as I realised we were doing a very risky thing. I could hardly believe what she was doing or what I was doing as well. My cock was on fire in a way I'd rarely felt before.

She said she was going to cum and I watched like a little kid; I couldn't take my eyes off what she was doing. Then she went all funny, sort of jerking and making quiet gasping noises and I knew she was having her orgasm. That did it for me and I couldn't stop myself as my cream came spurting out into my briefs in the most intense orgasm I've ever had. She watched as I shook and almost passed out with the shock of it. It seemed to go on for ages until it finally subsided. She gave me another smile and got up to get out at the next station. It was only when I saw some people coming down the aisle that I realised that I still had me hand inside my jeans. I felt so embarrassed but luckily they didn't notice.

My underwear was really messy and I could feel the spunk in them as I walked home from the station. As soon as I got home I rushed up to my bedroom and pushed my jeans down. I was hard again as I relived the unbelieveable experience. I kept my briefs on and rubbed myself through them and relived every second till I shot my load into them again, just like on the train.

That was the most amazing unexpected experience I've ever had! I'm jerking off now as I type this. I'd love to meet her again and watch her masturbate like that again and also put my own hand between her legs and bring her off while she did the same to me. I'm so horny now that I'm almost ready to shoot my load. I can't wait for it to shoot.



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