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Trailer Was Rockin', Don't Cum Knockin'

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I thought I'd heard everything, then the camper/trailer rolled into town


I'm Jonah, 18, graduated early last June and have shifts at the local coffee house. My best pal, Craig, is now a senior, also 18 and lives three doors down. We're both pretty popular with the ladies, which is why this story was a little weird at first when it happened.

Craig's aunt and uncle came for a visit last month with their adopted son, Ryan, who's 19. He joined the family when he was five, so he and Craig grew up together when they lived closer, but it was never a secret that he was adopted. I have to say, if his birth parents could see him today, they'd probably pass out. He has big-time model looks I mean, stop, you in your tracks cuteness. And he's a real friendly guy.

Ryan and his folks were doing a little five state road trip, so they brought their camper, which had nice pull out beds, a small kitchen and bath area. When they arrived, since it was still warm out, Ryan and Craig decided to sleep in the camper parked in the drive. It was also a cool place for us to hang and play some cards, listen to tunes, etc. In short, it kept the boys away from the adults, always a plus at our age.

What I didn't expect was what transpired the second night of their weeklong visit. As I said, Craig and I were close, and he and Ryan asked me if I wanted in on a personal secret. 'Of course, idiot,' I jousted. 'Growing up, Ryan and I were jackoff buddies every chance we got,' he said, testing the waters. One look at Ryan, and I certainly couldn't blame Craig. And since they weren't blood relatives, I guessed it was cool, since I'd heard of a lot of guys who do have such buds.

Then Ryan spoke up, 'We were wondering if maybe you might like to join us for a three-way wank.' Pondering the ramifications, I said it sounded interesting. 'Cool!' Ryan smiled. 'Let's all meet here around 6:00, since our folks are going out to eat.' Sounded good to me.

At home, I pulled out my sexiest underwear, since I figured some eyes would be on them. I also primped a little extra, and my heart seemed to be beating very heavy as I imagined Ryan, the adonis, flashing his dick, and wondered what Craig's hard on might look like.

I knocked on the camper door at 6, and Craig unlocked & opened it, already stripped down to his tight boxer shorts. Ryan was in the same attire. Feeling suddenly overdressed, I began shedding clothes, til we all stood in our shorts. 'Okay, let's drop 'em,' Craig said, looking at both of us. Those two were sporting semi's, and I suddenly wondered if nerves would keep me from getting an erection.

'If you need a little stimulus, I've got something that works every time,' Ryan offered. 'Oh yeah, what's that?' I wondered. Looking first at Craig and smiling, Ryan walked over to me and took my dick in one hand, and kissed me right on the mouth. He slipped in some tongue, and I felt my dick spring to attention. Ryan rubbed my boner against the side of his thigh as he continued twisting with my tongue. I was too oblivious to even realize Craig was watching this.

'Come on, you lovebirds, I want some of that,' Craig finally interrupted. Ryan then moved over and put both hands around Craig's behind the went into full-on makeout. Craig wrapped both arms around Ryan's neck and was really into it. After a minute or so, they broke free, and Ryan said 'I wanna see you two kiss.'

I'd been stroking my meat watching those two, so I was rock hard, and also a little hesitant to kiss my naked best friend. Craig seemed fine with it, though, and moved toward me without saying a word. He pulled me into him and we fell into lip lock, which suddenly turned very erotic for both of us.

'New guy gets the load first,' Craig said with a smile. 'Come on, Jonah, lay down.' I followed his instructions and spread out on his bed type thing. Then, while I continued slowly stroking my boner, Craig and Ryan knelt on either side of me and rubbed their dicks until they both began shooting cum all over my torso, neck, face, penis, anything they could hit, although they weren't really aiming, since their heads were leaned back in utter ecstacy.

Then they smiled at each other, looked at me, and set out to make me explode. I had hands on my balls, my inner thighs, my tits, and then Ryan bent over and kissed me again softly, which did it. I erupted and actually hit the camper wall behind my head. It felt like every drop of semen in my body had suddenly shot out, I was so limp and satisfied.

Mind you, this all happened on the second day of 7-days in the camper. And what Craig doesn't know is, I made a secret trip over to see Ryan the next morning after Craig had left for school. It was my day off, and when I say I 'got off,' words don't begin to do it justice. Later that night, I got to watch Craig and Ryan roll around naked, rubbing dicks together, while I masturbated next to them. Payback is sweet, I coated them both.

Let me know if you wanna hear how Craig and my relationship has evolved since Ryan's visit, and why I personally cannot wait for Ryan's next trip here. He and I have kept in touch by phone and email weekly since he left.



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