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Trailer Trash Stuck a Chord

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Firstly, I was born into a privileged family. I do not judge people in any way shape or form. I know only too well how lucky I am and for some people, luck is an infrequent and fickle visitor. Also, the second part of this is a fantasy I masturbate to.


The Reality.

My background, and that of my family means that I have a very comfortable life. I was privately educated and had all the advantages. I was brought up well, and sent to a very exclusive finishing school in Switzerland. I have always been surrounded by people who were cultured, sophisticated and erudite. However, reading 'Trailer Trash' really struck a chord with me on two fronts. First, how I would love to do something not only that daring, but that slutty, but also the idea of being groped by the male equivalent of trailer trash really turned me on. So....

I did something about it. The internet is a wonderful thing and a little research was all it took for me to find out where a practice called 'Dogging' occurs. Of course, I went. For the first part of the evening, I watched couples make out in their cars, then ON their cars, and finally, I saw people exchanging partners. It was at this point, that I got out of my car and walked over to a really beaten up old Ford. In it were two young men, I would say, around my age. They had their cocks in their hands and were clearly enjoying the view of other couples. I was going to give them a little fun, but then I noticed another car. In it was a much older man. He looked unkempt and unshaven and as I got closer to his car, and as he rolled the window down, it was clear that soap was also a relative stranger in his life. But that was perfect.

I leaned in and took his hand and placed it between my legs. 'Finger me.' was all I said. His rough, sausage-like workmans fingers fumbled around my panties and then, he, and the only word is 'jammed' his finger deep in me. No finesse, no attempt at teasing, he just finger fucked me. I said 'Get your cock out and wank off.' His cock was really impressive and he masturbated slowly and then more quickly as he pummelled my pussy. He smelt sweaty and of male arousal and it was totally disgusting in an intoxicating way. I suddenly wanted to pee on his hand. I didn't though, that would be too much for me, but I can't deny the thought was there. As he was nearing his climax, I saw the two men from the first car walking my way with their cocks already out. They stood one either side of me and I jacked them both off allowing them to cum on a dress that probably cost more than their car. My dirty old man soon shot his load and then I was done.

I walked back to my car elated. My 'Bit of Rough'.

And so to the fantasy....

I am bored. Nothing takes my attention, so I decide to have a little fun. I pick my clothes carefully, and finally have the look I am seeking. Ragged tights, a top that is too small and no bra, and a skirt that leaves little to the imagination. No panties, of course. Dressed thus, I drive to Brighton seafront and park. I walk from the pier to the naturist beach. I feel eyes upon me, both male and female. Then, I am aware of a man following me. I allow him to, until we reach one of the amusement parks. I stop, he walks past me and as he gets to me I say '£40.00' He looks at me and says '£20.00', I reply, '£35.00' He nods and we walk around to the back of the amusements. It is littered with rubbish there, and smells of stale fish and chips and urine... a typical seafront.

My man pays me, and I press my body against him. I have been practising my 'potty mouth' accent for just this moment. It will not do for him to know I am anything other than a cheap slut. I kiss him and he is surprised. The whores of Brighton rarely kiss. I feel his erection and I unzip his pants and let it fall into my waiting hand. He breathes deeply as I wank him. I take his hand and push it between my legs over my panties. I feel him work a finger under the material and he gasps when he feels I have no hair there. 'How old are you?' he whispers. I think the poor man is scared. I say '15, mister.' His cock twitches in response, but he says, 'Maybe I should stop.' My response is to wank him faster, harder. 'No. Please, cum on my panties.' It is too much for him and I feel a sudden gush of wetness as he spunks on me.

In the real world, my hands are between my legs and I am imagining myself as a cheap little whore making a quick bit of cash. The orgasm I have like this is always intense and comes from deep within me. It is a nice masturbatory illusion. For me with my background to act so appallingly is delicious beyond words.

I don't know if the 'Trailer Trash' story is true, so many here seem not, but if it is, I envy the girls involved. I wish I had the courage to do what they did. In short, I rather think I would like to be a whore.



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