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Traffic Stop

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Late on a Tuesday night I was travelling down a country road not too far from my house. I was speeding, and just my luck the popular blue light special hit me. I pulled over and just as I turned my engine off, the patrolman instructed me over his loudspeaker to exit my vehicle. I got out of the car.

He then told me to place my hands on the trunk. I did so. I was trembling. I thought he was going to take me to jail. I could hear him as he got out of his car. I turned my head around to see what was going on. He quickly said 'Face forward and keep your hands on the trunk.' From the glimpse I saw the shadow of a tall and very broad shouldered man so I knew I had to obey him. He came upon me and it seemed in a single motion that he reached in front of me and handcuffed my wrists. Then he let my head rest on the trunk of my car.

My hands were in front of me at my crotch. I attempted to ask the obvious question but he beat me with the answer. 'M'am you were speeding and for your safety as well as mine I'm placing you in a temporary restraint. You are not under arrest unless you fail to co-operate.' I was VERY frightened at this point. He began to frisk me. His large strong hands cupped my breasts and then trailed down my body. He made it a point to give my crotch a squeeze. Keep in mind that this road is not a popular road. Only locals use it.

He then instructed me to unfasten my jeans. I hesitated. He repeated the command in a more forceful voice. I asked him not to hurt me. He replied 'I won't hurt you. This is a frisk, now please comply.' Since I had my hands in front of me I unfastened my jeans. Then he jerked them down to my knees. I yelped or something like that. I really wanted to scream but nobody would hear me and I didn't want to anger him. He said 'I'm not allowed to perform a cavity search so I'm going to ask you to please put your finger inside of your vagina.'

I had never heard such a thing but I knew I had to do it. I slowly and carefully slid a finger inside of myself as I parted my legs. I told him 'Listen I'll do anything. Just let me go and don't hurt me.' He said 'M'am just do as I tell you and everything will be okay.' He had his flashlight shining at my crotch as I explored myself. I wanted to turn around but I knew better. He said 'Wiggle your finger deeper. Yes that's it. Pull it out a little. Push it back in. Good. Wiggle it.' By following his instructions I was technically fingering myself as if I were jilling. My legs were past trembling. I was numb. My heart pounded and thumped.

Then I heard a grunt accompanied by a splatter of hot thick liquid on my lower back. It dribbled down the crack of my ass and down my inner thigh. I was glad that he got his thrill and maybe I could leave without a ticket or arrest. I made an attempt to stand upright. He placed his hand on my back so I returned to the bent over position. I felt his nightstick on the inside of my thigh. I knew where he was going next. I had an ultimate choice now. My decision was to comply.(Fuck me and let me go) I arched my back and opened my legs.

He gently slid the stick into me. It wasn't any larger than my dildo. His cum was the lube so it was an easy entry. I think my nerves made me kinda horny or sensitive. He didn't try to shove it in me, just a little bit to allow me to feel it. My hands were still in front of me, between me and the trunk. I used that advantage to rub my clit. He noticed that and told me 'Good girl.' He pulled the nightstick out of me and used it to rub my outer lips. I humped his stick. It began as an act to satisfy him so he would let me go but it ended up making me wet. I managed to moan 'Stick it in me' He slid the stick in me again.

I gyrated on it as if it were a cock. Earlier I wanted a car to come by, now I didn't want anybody to see this. He let out a groan and I was covered on my ass for a second time with his sticky stuff. I was almost at the point of orgasm and he began to take my handcuffs off. I was disappointed. He then turned me round and kissed me on the mouth. His tongue swirled in my mouth and out again. Then he said 'Don't forget to put my other uniform in the wash.' I said 'Okay and don't stay out late after your shift. We have some business to finish.' (Yes my husband Robert is a deputy sheriff) It was the first time he's done that to me. It wasn't the first time I've had a night stick in my pussy. I've played with his quite a few times and it feels good.



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