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Toys For Boys From Our Girls

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Actually solo male times two.


My dorm roommate, Sean and I, have known each other since we were 14. As we ended up going to the same college, we decided to room together in the dorms. We got to be good friends our senior year in high school when we started dating our current girlfriends who are bestfriends with eachother. Unfortunately they did not decide to go to our college. Bummer. We are in our freshman year now.

In the Fall, after being on campus for a couple weeks, our girls decided to pay us a weekend visit. They each drove in from their colleges. When they got here we had the time of our lives. Our dorm room was the site of some action that weekend that can not be described here. On the Saturday morning, my girlfriend woke up before I did, and she slipped her hand in my briefs and started stroking my morning wood to wake me up. It did !!! She stroked me for a minute or so after I was awake and I shot my hot cum all over my stomach. She wiped it up with my t-shirt which was on the floor next to my bed.

Sean's girlfriend later found our stash of porno magazines and videos when he was in the shower. When he got back, she was all over him, asking what he needed that stuff for? He explained that he looked at it for entertainment. She then asked if he meant he jacked off to it. He got all red, and whispered yes. My girlfriend looked at me, and was like, well do you JO to that stuff too? And, it was my turn to turn red. I just nodded my head yes.

She started thumbing through one of the magazines, and would ask me to look at something every now and then. She had me look at an ad for a male toy which has a case and changeable inserts for jerking off in. She asked me if I ever used any toys. I told her no and that I didn't think any of the other guys I knew used anything like that either. She read the ad, which claimed that it said it was the closest thing to real, and that many girlfriends bought this item to keep their boys honest.

Later, I caught her looking at the web site watching a demo video on the artificial vagina. I asked her, 'do you like what you see?' but she ignored the question. A few weeks later, My roommate and I each received a package with notes attached saying not to open them but to call them and to await instructions. So we each called our girlfriends, left a message on their voicemails, and waited.

That night as we were both getting ready for bed, the phone rang. It was my girlfriend, Beth. She said that we were both to get onto our computers and go to a chat room with them right away, and have our webcams on. So, we got the packages, got online and waited for them to sign on. Within minutes all four of us were on line together. Geena messaged that we were to open the packages now. Sean and I each opened our boxes and discovered that they had sent each of us one of the masturbation toys that was in the ad.

We were shocked. We were like, man what are we supposed to do with these, and why did they send them? Beth noticing we hadn't typed back, asked if there was anything wrong. I typed, what are these for? And she typed , What do you think? You're to use them to jerk off with when you think about us. We don't want you guys using those mags anymore or those videos.

So they then each invited us to watch them on web cam, so we each clicked on and had our own web cams at the ready. I saw my girl naked on her cam. She was typing that she wanted to provide visual stimulation for my first time with the device. I looked over and saw that Geena was naked on the web cam with Sean. I saw him fumbling to get the toy out of the plastic wrap, and so I figured oh well, and started getting mine unwrapped too. We both got the insert put in, and found that there was a bottle of lube in the box as well. So, we gave each other a look which said what the heck?

We each took our briefs off, sitting at our desks naked, and put some lube on our hardons, and then inserted them into the toy. It felt like a real pussy. So tight, and there were nubs or something in them which created a very good feeling.

Beth started posing and I directed the cam down so that she could see my action, as I pumped the toy up and down on my boner. Every now and then I'd point it at my face so she could see the looks of near- cumming. Sean started moaning within a minute of starting, and I knew why. This toy was tighter than any pussy I had ever known. I was close too. I stopped to try and last longer, but the urge was too strong, so I started pumping faster, and Beth typed for me to let it shoot, which I did. Damn it felt good!

They then made us promise to get rid of the mags and videos, and to use the toys when the need arose while thinking of them. But we didn't get rid of the mags or videos. Ocassionally we will pop a video in at night, put our toys between the mattress and box spring and do them doggy style. We only do it at same time occasionally.



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