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Town Barber - Town Masseur

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I go monthly to a business meeting which is about a two hour drive from my home. I usually return the next day. On this particular trip, I stayed late to have a few beers with the guys. When I headed home, I could not keep my eyes open, so I pulled off the freeway into a small town (3,000+-)to get a motel room for the night.

When checking in, I asked the clerk if a fellow could get a massage locally (felt I needed one). He told me the barber gave massages in the evening. He pointed out the corner where his shop was located (candy striped pole)and told me to turn left and walk about half way up the street. The house number is 122. If the porch light is on, he is taking customers. Name is Oscar.

After putting my stuff in the room, I walked over. The porch light was on, so I rapped at the door and soon a man about my age answered. Asked for a massage and he welcomed me in. Took me to a room and told me to get undressed and lay face up on the massage table. I did so, and could not locate a towel for draping, so I laid there in the nude. He entered shortly thereafter and began to apply warm oil to my legs and feet. Foot massage was terrific. His style was quite unique, first some very fast strokes to warm up the body, followed with slow kneading, twisting and stretching strokes. Very relaxing. When he did my thighs, he seemed unconcerned that my balls were hanging there, he would stroke his hands right beside them or under them as he pushed to the top of the leg. On one thigh, my flaccid cock was wedged between my leg and my balls. Didn't slow him down one bit. Feeling was quite euphoric. Needless to say, I got quite a boner on.

I made some dumb assed comment and he brushed off my concern by saying it was good to see a healthy man.

When he progressed to my stomach, he circled my abdomen, brushing my stiffy to one side or the other. I was breathing pretty deeply. He finished my chest and arms and then turned me over.

Same procedure while face down. Worked up my legs. Again I felt that my balls were at his mercy. He would push his stroke slowly alongside the cleavage of my leg and torso, and I could feel his hand slide under me with his finger tips and hairy arm gliding by my cock. He did the same thing with the other leg. Took a considerable length of time working this action. Wow! He then went to work on my butt. The pressure and kneading was masterful, greatest sensation that I had ever felt. When he stood at my head and pressed his massage down my back, I could feel his hands part the cleavage of my butt and slide down to the back of my balls. He did this for some time and then, returning to my side, he began the lightest finger stroking up and down my skin. It was magical.

He turned me back over so I was facing up and did the same light finger touching up and down my torso and legs, certainly not missing my cock and balls as he went by. My glans was just starting to poke out of my foreskin and I could tell that I was leaking.

Laid his hands on my forehead and groin for a few moments. What a finish! He told me to lay there for awhile. After dressing I was to come downstairs. $XX was his fee. Told me to drink lots of water and I was on my way back to the motel.

I do not recall a sensuous massage like that in my life and he made no effort or suggestion to masturbate me. Wonderful effect. As soon as I went to bed, I fucked my pillow like the world was coming to an end.

In my mind, I apologized to the hotel maid for the huge wet puddle in middle of the pillow I had tossed on the floor.

Oscar greets me monthly and always does the same wonderful job.

The motel owner winks at me when I come in and tells me to put a towel on the pillow.



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