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Touching Terry

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I was in my late twenties and Terry was in his late 30s when this all happened. Terry runs a farm and I also work for him sometimes. You see, I was in college and I needed all the money I could get. So I worked at a restaurant and sometimes for Terry. One day that I was working for Terry, we had just gone inside his house for lunch. We were having lunch, and I was eating chips and a few dropped on my crotch. Terry leaned over and tried to grab the chips. But then he 'accidentally' slipped and his hand grabbed my jeans and crotch. He let go after about five seconds and we finished our lunch silently.

After lunch we went out to feed the chickens. There was four buckets of chicken feed. Terry bent down to grab the first two buckets. I purposely then stroked his tight ass quickly, and then I picked up the chicken feed. The whole day went like that. Him touching me and me touching him back. We were taking the most innocent moves and using them to touch one another. Him and I both had HUGE boners by this time. At the end of the day, we finished up everything and went inside. We had hamburgers and chips again. I purposely dropped some chips on my crotch again and this time, he brushed the chips away and started pulling on my dick. I was sort of disappointed because he was doing it through my pants. The only skin we had touched was each others hands during the day. But the exciting thing was, nothing like this had happened between him and me before.

Well, we then acted as if nothing had happened. We cleaned up the dishes and everything.(I forgot to tell you before but Terry and I showered and cleaned off after every day)(we showered separately and at different times though). I sat down in the living room and started to read a book. Terry went into the only bathroom and started to take a shower. About a minute or two later he walked out with nothing on but a towel wrapped around his waist and he wasn't wet. He said to me 'John, why don't you read your book in the bathroom. The bathrooms small and it'll be a lot warmer in there than in here. Besides as soon as I get out you can get in'. I agreed and followed him in. He started to slip his towel down showing the cutest butt I've ever seen. He then dropped it completely. It landed on the floor. I stepped over it and noticed that his penis was hanging between his legs! He was completely naked now and I grabbed his penis and started jerking. I then yanked my clothes off with his help.

We then got in the shower and started wanking each other really hard. We were kissing and touching when we weren't jerkin off. We both started moaning and we shot our cum onto each other. It happened like this. We were sitting on the ledges of the shower. I said I'm gonna blow. Terry then moved down and held my penis near his mouth. I then blew it all out. I did the exact same thing to him. It was awesome. That was my best jerking session ever.



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