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Touching Johns

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Like most people I started masturbating when I was in my early teens. I had once just tried rubbing my penis and the sensation was amazing, so I kept on doing it. I then started to watch porn daily on my computer once my family had left to go to school, always masturbating with my left hand, with the mouse in my right, keenly over the pause button.

I am a competitive swimmer, straight, with dirty blond hair, dark brown eyes and abs that are cracking out of the surface of my torso. I always enjoy observing the other boys in the change room and on the pool deck, even though I have never had sexual feelings for a guy. 

Two years ago, I was at a swim meet and I was staying in a room, and sharing a bed, with my friend John. He was thin and well toned, with dark eyes and brown hair. I had peaked at him naked a couple of times in the change room. I was further into puberty than he was, as he had less pubic hair and severely less armpit hair. Despite this setback his cock was quite large, around four inches soft.

The last night in our hotel room and had gone and visited another room, leaving John on his own for about half an hour. When I got back, he was laying on the bed in his pyjamas watching TV. It was getting decently late, so I decided I would strip to my pants and hop on the bed. I asked him if I could use his I-Pod, as I had left mine at home. He passed it to me. I quickly looked at his internet history, because doing that on my friends' I-Pod's always turned me on. I was surprised to see a Mobile Porn hub page open. I asked him about it and he turned red. I told him not to worry about it and that I masturbate all the time too.

This whole situation made my cock increasingly hard. My penis started to peek out the pee-hole in my boxers. John and I were close together and he turned off the TV and pressed play on the porn. A hot girl was shown fucking an even more beautiful man.

John started to tent his light pyjama pants, revealing his large cock. I was almost fully erect now, so I thought, 'What the hell,' and I pulled my boxers off, displaying my six and a half incher. John gazed in amazement, no longer looking at the porn while I stroked my cock. He dropped the I-Pod and pulled down his pants, his hard six incher springing up. He whacked his cock in a different way than I did. I asked him where he learnt that technique, and he said he's always been doing it like that. He held his hand on top of his cock and bent his fingers around the side, creating a vagina-like shape, that hit his hand every time he stroked.

'Oh fuck!' I shouted, as the girl started to ride the man in the porno.

Then I looked at John, who was still gazing at my cock. I took my left hand off my cock and put it on John's thigh. He immediately took his hand off his cock and let me stroke it. He moaned on my first touch, sending a chilling sensation through my body. He then grabbed my cock and started to stroke it in his weird way; it felt AMAZING! We both stroked and stroked and right when the girl in the porno orgasmed at the top of her lungs, we both came. I shot seven ropes up high to the ceiling, which came and landed on John's hand. His cum oozed out and covered my hand too. I sensually licked it off my hand and he did the same.

We both went and showered together... But that'll have to be in another story. Look for part two coming soon.



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