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Touching Him, My Way

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If masturbation was an Olympic sport I would have a gold medal. Classic dry stroking with edging, long sessions with different lubes like plant aloe, watching myself in the mirror for POV cum shots, cumming in my mouth, different types of porn, and some fun toys. A real treat for me takes some control on my part; I edge right to the point where a little cum dribbles out and I use that cum as lube for a full orgasm and ejaculation. One of my favorite long standing techniques is so simple I thought many other men used it however, I learned from a friend that it may not be that widely known.

Masturbating with baby powder is wonderful. All you need is a little powder on your dry hard cock to provide cool frictionless stroking. Go ahead and give it a try! The cool, soft, dry lubricated tingle is ideal for tossing off. Maybe you should go get the powder now while you finish yourself off reading the rest of the story below.

I really enjoy using the powder technique for my masturbation sessions and figured it out simply by accident. During the summer months I would always apply some powder to my body before going to work. Chest, abs, armpits, etc. It helped keep my skin cool and dry during the day. Next, I started to apply the powder to my crotch and in between my balls and thighs. The next progression in this wonderful discovery was to sprinkle some powder between my ass cheeks; that was a big hit for me. The feeling of going to work with that tingle in my nether region instantly made my dick hard. I jacked off in the office restrooms a few times as I became aware of the new found feeling.

The next step was to introduce the baby powder technique to someone else; a guy that I used to jack off with. My jack off friend wanted to relax and shoot his load and he asked me to make him cum rather than watch each other so I decided to share my baby powder treat with him that evening. I asked him if he ever masturbated with baby powder and he said, 'No, never,...interesting.' We jacked off dry handed and used lube together many times though.

I started by teasing his cock to a rock hard state. Circling the head with my index finger and thumb (wishing those fingers were my lips) and then gently sprinkling baby powder on his hard cock and a little bit in my palm. Then I wrapped my hand around his member and got to work. He quickly leaned back on the sofa cushions moaning in pleasure and put his hands behind his head showing off his hairless body to me.

The contrast of my white hand against his thick black cock looked amazing. I had no trouble shooting my load just from the sight. I continued a nice slow stroke and paid special attention to his proud cock head and foreskin. I recognized that familiar thrust of his pelvis up into the air towards my hand and the thickening and pulsing of the shaft as cum began to rise up inside his beautiful penis.

Sprinkling a little more baby powder into my palm and onto his beautiful cock we were now ready for the final home run stretch. He started to compliment me on the new found technique. How he could formulate coherent words at a time like this amazed me. He described the wonderful combination of the lubrication and coolness the powder created in combination with the warmth of my hand around his member. His compliment and his moaning together confirmed we had a winner; at least with these two men! I responded to his comments with my own. Telling my friend to relax and shoot his load whenever he wished to release it. Reminding him of what I had told him before about his beautiful organ and how hot his smooth hairless black skin looks.

We were both rewarded with ropes of thick, warm white cum splashing his belly, chest, and my wrist. Needless to say we continued the baby powder hand jobs for quite a while at his request.



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