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Touch of Perfection

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Our neighbor Joan had a house with a swimming pool when I was growing up. Although the surrounding land was still vacant, the pool was surrounded by a seven foot wooden privacy fence on three sides with the house forming the fourth side, so it offered complete privacy from surrounding homes. There was a side gate to the pool area that was always locked, but after a while she ended up giving me the key and said I was welcome to drop by anytime.

Joan was divorced and in her late forties. She swam a lot and was in pretty good shape and showed just the right amount of cleavage to excite my imagination. I tried not to stare at her but I think she probably knew that I was checking her out. She often teased me, mostly innocently, but once or twice referring to skinny dipping or topless sunbathing. However, I had never been lucky enough to catch her in either of these activities on the occasions when I dropped over.

One day she was teasing me about the outdoor shower, which was in a corner formed by the fence and house. There wasn't any privacy, because it wasn't really meant to be used as a regular shower, just as a way of rinsing down before or after a swim. But Joan claimed that she often took a full shower out there.

'It's so relaxing to take a shower outside,' Joan said. 'I just love it. It feels like you are totally exposed yet nobody can possibly see you. If you want to take a shower later, I'll go in the house and promise not to peek.'

I passed on her offer of a full shower, but I began to think about it and got excited. I knew if I took a shower out there, my cock would get hard (it was hard already just thinking about it) and I would almost certainly end up jacking off. The more I thought about this possibility, the more excited I became. But I didn't do anything about it until a couple of weeks later when she mentioned it again one morning.

'I'm going into the house for a while,' Joan announced. 'Feel free to take a shower while I'm inside. I won't be out for twenty minutes at least.'

Joan departed and my heart began to pound. I hesitated as the water rushed down over me, feeling totally exposed and very excited and aroused all at the same time, but in the end my raging hard-on won out. I removed my suit and began soaping up. I reached down, soaped up my cock and began to stroke it. I turned a bit so that Joan (if she was really watching me) would see me full in profile as I jacked off. Then I closed my eyes so that she would feel free to watch me without fear of getting caught. Very soon I exploded, shooting powerful squirts of hot cum on to the wet pavement at my feet. With my toes, I pushed gobs of cum toward the drain as I washed my balls and cock a final time.

I was seated and wearing my swimsuit when Joan returned. She looked a bit flushed, I thought.

'Well, I'll bet that felt really good,' she said. 'I mean, being such a hot day and everything.'

'Yeah, it was nice,' I said awkwardly.

I began having daily poolside showers / jack off sessions at Joan's. I'm not sure if she watched me or not, but I was fairly certain she did. If she hadn't seen me jacking off that first day, then certainly she saw me other days, for she never failed to 'go in the house for a while' on one or another pretext and return soon after I was finished. Timing like that just couldn't be coincidental.

'Do you mind if I come over and, um, you know, shower at your place?' I ventured cautiously a week or so later.

'Oh, no, not at all,' Joan said. 'You're perfectly welcome any time.'

'You don't think that it's, well, um, too much everyday?'

She paused. 'No, I think it's very natural.'

'Well, if you're sure...'

'Yes, yes, I'm sure.'

I wasn't quite sure if we were talking about the same thing, so I risked a quick glance at her. Our eyes met for an instant before our gazes darted apart, both of us blushing in mutually pleasing embarrassment.

After a moment, I said, 'Do you mind if I take a shower now?'

'No, go ahead,' she said, and for the first time, didn't get up to go into the house.

I stood and quickly stripped off my bathing suit and walked over to the shower, feeling her gaze on my bare bottom as I walked. Slowly, with my back turned to her, I slowly soaped myself up and showered, and then began to jack off. Gradually, I turned sideways a bit to give her a better view and sure enough, out of the corner of my eye, I could see her still sitting there, watching me. Despite the fact she was watching me openly, it took me a longer time than usual to shoot my load, although that was probably because I had been jacking off every day for the last two weeks. But I needn't have worried, for soon enough I came, and the longer route that I took to get there made my orgasm that much better.

Eventually, I began jacking off for Joan even more openly, not even bothering with the pretence of a swimming suit at all as I demonstrated for her all the various holds and techniques that I knew, and she watched, fascinated, now and then sipping her cold drink while I sweated under the hot sun, slowly, inexorably, teasing and stroking my cock in the most pleasurable way I knew how, I worked my way towards orgasm, leaning back, sinking lower and lower in my chair, legs spreading wider, taking aim at the sky with my cock until reality disappeared into a shimmering heat haze as I squirted with blissful abandon, adding a touch of perfection to my day.



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