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Touch Free

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As many other (I think), I almost never talked about masturbation with anyone (apart from trivial jokes among friends); until 33 I even never read anything, nor I searched the internet on the topic; then I found this wonderful web site. And now I want to contribute.

I developed my touch free masturbation technique rather late: I was about 27, I think.

I was thinking about new techniques and I felt that the most pleasurable techniques I discovered before were among the 'no hands' ones. And usually, the more effort and time a technique required to reach the orgasm, the more pleasurable it was. In my long experimenting around such techniques I had already found some good 'reduced contact' ones before: for example a technique in which I touch only my penis head with two fingers and some no hands variations in which I touch the floor or other smooth surface with my penis head. These techniques involve a somewhat 'reduced' contact with penis.

Another of my already experimented and pleasurable techniques was to pull at my testes skin: by hand or (much better) by keeping them under my crossed thighs while contracting and relaxing my thighs. This technique had been a little difficult to achieve and had required me a little training: in the first attempts I missed the orgasm and had been forced to complete my sessions in a more usual way. This technique, too, involved to avoid contact with the penis, though the thighs actually pulled hard enough at the skin of my penis during the successfull sessions.

So I felt that a very 'difficult', but very rewarding technique could plan no contact of anything at all with sexual organs. I tried by moving my pelvis while standing on my feet or knees, thous shaking my penis hard. I tried by simply laying still and bearing down on my piss stopper, contracting my legs, or contracting my calves (it helps my ejaculation sometimes). I tried days of abstinence before an attempt... but I was always rewarded with nothing more than rather brief erections and some precum. Despite this, some result was there, because sometimes, after some 15 or 20 minutes of attempts at this touch free masturbation, a few strokes to my penis made me reach the orgasm, sometimes an intense one; also the opposite was true: sometimes I could get very close to orgasm 'by hand', then stop penis strokes and after 5 or even 10 seconds WITHOUT any other movement, I could still reach an ejaculatory orgasm only by contracting hard my sexual organ muscles.

(I never tried to get close to orgasm more than once per session, though, for which I have to thank the author of the continuous male orgasm article on solotouch.com: I think I'll have fun trying his very well described stop and go technique!).

Sometimes later I was willing to try different positions of my body during masturbation sessions. Basically I wondered if my preferred body position (standing on my feet, laying on my back, laying on one side, leaning against a wall, open or closed legs, etc.) could be different for different techniques... and I eventually observed that for some techniques a good position for me was to lay face down. For example on two chairs, with space in between for my belly and penis, to let my hands reach my penis. I felt that having my erected penis in mid air and pointing downward somehow helped to raise the level of excitement.

Anyway, finally, the touch free masturbation project returned to my mind and I decided to try it in this new body position. Again some failures, but I felt the position helped: sometimes I could have longlasting erections and I could observe (in a mirror) a good precum leaking, with my penis and testes dangling free between the chairs. And without any contact with sexual organs since the completely relaxed starting situation. Without even moving any part of my body (except for respiration): I simply kept continuously contracted my thighs muscles (quadricipiti). I kept them contracted for some time also after they began to ache. Four or five sessions of this exercise (each after at least 2 days abstinence) taught me which muscles to contract (basically only the quadricipiti), and how much I could relax them when they began to ache, without loosing excitement. Finally I had a long session, ending with an ejaculatory orgasm. A wonderful orgasm for me, though not so intense one and with not huge quantity of cum: after pausing a few minutes without changing position I ended my session by masturbating again with my right hand, again while contracting my aching thighs muscles: this time a good amount of cum was released.

Session after session I refined the technique and finally I almost never missed to reach a satisfying and 'complete' ejaculatory orgasm.

I can't reach a touch free orgasm in every position of my body: only laying face down or laying on my right side (odd: it seems I can't also while laying on my left side... perhaps I will re-try it more hard).

Maybe for other persons it's easier to reach orgasm with this technique, I don't know, but in my case it is hard and the difficulty just increases the final pleasure. Also the difficulty and failures during my discovery of the technique just made the first successes so much gratifying and rewarding.

I still use this technique sometimes. And sometimes I try to discover new techniques or variations. But this was probably the most gratifying of my personal discoveries about solo masturbation and its techniques.

I read some other post about touch free ejaculation, but I can't achieve this laying face up, nor without contracting my legs. If you can, please post and add details about how you do it: do you contract any muscle, move pelvis or any part of your body, bear down on sexual muscles, lay in a particular position, ...

Here are key details about my own technique

* lay face down, resting your legs on a chair or bed and your chest and elbows on another chair

* leave space in between for your belly, part of your thighs, and for your dangling penis and testes

* contract your quadricipiti and keep them contracted as long as possible

* don't move any part of your body

* don't touch anything with your penis or testes

* simply stare at it (e. g. in a mirror) as it gets hard and finally cums



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