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Topless Tease and Fantastic Show......Part 2

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Follow up to part 1



Following on from the above. My girlfriend (Laura) sitting there topless and having just jerked off her best friend's boyfriend looked across at me with my erection obvious underneath my trousers. She looked over at Becky and said "....you two next..." Becky looked at the scene of devestation around her boyfriend's crotch, chest and hands. She looked over at me with a smile on her face. "What do you say Mr [name removed]? You reckon you can beat that? "err...." I spluttered. Suddenly very aware of three sets of eyes trained on the bulge in my pants. "...err....look maybe that will be going a bit far. That was just pay-back for Steve after I saw you topless on holiday" Becky: "Come on Mr [name removed]. It's not like I haven't seen it before" Me: "WHAT?!?" Laura: "BECKYY!!! I told you not to....." Me: "What the....?" Steve: "Yup. I've seen it too....." Becky: "That time you asked Laura to film you wanking? You know, the one where you're lying on the bed naked playing with your dick? that one? Yeah, Laura showed me the next day and sent me a copy" Me: "Oh my God. All this time? Laura...what the?" Laura: "Come on man. It's not like you didn't know I was gonna do it. Plus, she knows about the first night of the holiday when I told you imagine her jerking you off......." Becky: "....well yeah, but that's because it was my idea!"

Suddenly I felt almost like this was an intervention! I'm accused of being a bit uptight sometimes (pressures of work etc) and clearly there was a subtext here to "release some of the tension" Laura: "Look, I'm practically naked, Steve still has his dick on show and I'm sure Becky needs no encouragement......" Becky then peeled off her cardigan and t-shirt revealing her (now) tanned tits. My cock twitched and twitched. Becky sat down next to me "just pretend this is the first night of the holiday. Only this time, don't close your eyes, just keep looking at these...." With that, she took my hand and placed it on her breast. The feeling was amazing - smaller than my wife's but so firm and the nipples were incredible - so pert and red. She reached over and touched my cock through my trousers. "Come on now. You've haven't got all worked up like this just to go home now have you?"

With Laura and Steve now cosied up on the sofa opposite, Becky slowly undid my belt and lowered my zip. My erection, straining under my boxers twitched as her nails gently caressed the head. With some difficulty, I lowered my trousers round my ankles, leaving my erection pushing the fabric of my CK boxers to their limit. After a few strokes through the fabric Becky said "I think it's time I saw this in the flesh" With that, she peeled the waistband of my trousers back and freed my cock. "Very nice. Now, relax while I do this and don't take your eyes off my tits ok?" I nodded. Unable to speak, but flashed a quick glance to my girlfriend, now fully dressed as was Steve. She smiled back cheekily as if suddenly I was the only one in the room naked and all eyes were on me! I glanced at Steve - not only was he also fully dressed, but he was brandishing his camcorder. "Come on matey, time for a show...." "I told you not to take your eyes off my tits!" Said Becky. "Now I'll have to do this...."

With that, she leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth - the feeling was amazing as my entire length disappeared into those rosy red lips and I felt her tongue swirling around me. The feeling was insane, I saw Laura staring at me intently - recognising my facial expressions and noises. Slowly, Becky withdrew me and, using her saliva as lube wrapped her hand around my cock and slowly started pumping expertly. My heart was pounding, my legs quivering as I felt the familiar build up of pressure, but unlike the usual tremor, this felt like a Tsunami!

Within a few strokes, I began to moan "Here it comes" said Laura with glee I erupted,with streams of cum shooting from my cock in all directions - covering me, the sofa, hitting my chin, Becky's face and tits. I was utterly spent, but couldn't stop cumming - I've never seen such an amount come out of my cock before and once finished, collapsed on the sofa unable to speak for a few minutes. "Impressive" said Becky "I'll say" said Laura "You've never spurted that much for me. Are you into Becky or something?" she asked with a big grin on her face.

Unable to speak, or protest I lay on the sofa, covered in my cum whilst the others watched me and Laura eventually helped clean me up. That was the end of very special night - the next morning, sober everyone was a bit sheepish but ultimately satisfied (we heard Steve and Becky going at it when they went to bed - safe to say, Becky was VERY satisfied!). We remain the best of friends, and whilst the incident has never been repeated (or spoken about other than occasional references) I live in hope...........



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