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A few years back I went with my friends Chrissy and Gina on a vacation in Florida. It had been a considerably stressful and dramatic year for the three of us, so we were happy to get away for a while. After a few hours on a plane, we were checked in to our hotel, changed into our bikinis, and off to the beach. We found a spot and settled in, relaxing in the sun and letting our worries melt away.

It didn't take long to notice something was up. A woman walked in front of us, and she wasn't wearing a top. We realized immediately nude sunbathing was allowed on this beach. Chrissy dared us all to try, but Gina gave a very quick "no." Deep down, I sort of wanted to, but I shook my head "no." Chrissy giggled, but didn't give in to her own dares. We relaxed for a while. Things got quiet. I got lost in my own thoughts.

I kept thinking about Chrissy's dare. Maybe I should? That would be so unlike me. I was never an exhibitionist or anything like that, though I was comfortable with my body. There was something sort of sexy about, just freely showing my breasts. I was actually starting to get wet thinking about it, so I decided to go for a quick swim to help cover it up. As I was swimming, I decided I'd shock my friends. So, before getting out of the water, I untied my bikini top and took it off.

Wow. What a feeling that was! The water on my bare breasts was incredible, and I felt a tingle in my pussy. It was going to be hard to keep control of myself doing this, but already I was enjoying it. Soon, I was out of the water, walking back to my friends, and it didn't take long for them to notice I was topless. As nice as the water felt, the air was even better, feeling the warm breeze on my tits, my nipples hardening. I sat back down on my towel, looking at my friends with a wide grin. Chrissy didn't waste much time, taking off her top to join me. After some coaxing, Gina did the same.

Chrissy is maybe the most beautiful girl I've ever known. She's blonde with DD breasts, a round butt and long legs. Gina, though she won't often admit it, is also extremely beautiful. She's petite, with a slim, athletic build. Her breasts are only A's, but they're very perky and cute. I'm about average, I suppose. I keep slim, but I have curves, and my breasts are a C cup.

We spent the rest of the day topless. Sunbathing, swimming, and a stroll down the shore. That was the best part, walking around almost completely naked. It's funny how my bikini bottom felt like so much less when it was the only thing I was wearing. And my god was this making me horny. I knew as soon as we got back to the hotel room, I'd have to shut myself off in the bathroom and play with myself. As evening approached, we got our tops back on, gathered our belongings, and headed back to the hotel. On the way, Chrissy admitted that being topless had made her very horny. Gina agreed.

Once in the room, I told them I was going to take a shower. Chrissy knew what I was really going to do, and suggested we all just do it together, so no one had to wait to use the bathroom. At that point, I didn't care, I just needed to get off. Chrissy and I quickly got naked. Gina eventually did as well, and the three of us sat on the floor in a semi-circle, our legs spread, and immediately began playing with our pussies.

I was so wet at that point. With one hand I gently rubbed my clit while I pushed a finger in with the other. Then two fingers, moving them in and out rhythmically. My breathing became heavier, and those wonderful feelings began to fill me. I watched as Chrissy and Gina played, and that made my feelings stronger. Thinking about being topless in front of strangers today, then watching my naked friends playing with themselves, that was enough. I could feel it building, and I started to gasp and squeal as the orgasm overtook me.

As I caught my breath, I heard Chrissy start to squeak, then Gina moaned loudly. Both came. We sat there, the three of us, still naked, catching our breath. All three of us smiling. We all then showered together, then got dressed and hit the town.

We repeated this every day of our trip.



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