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Toothbrush Delight

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I was 12 years old. I'd never masturbated before - I didn't even know what it was! Sexual pleasure was alien to me. My cunt had often gotten tingly but I didn't think there was any more to it.

One day, two summers ago, I was at my best friend's house. We were in the bathroom together. Her Granddad used to own a toothbrush company, and she had an old electric toothbrush sitting in a pot. It was the type where nothing rotated and only the tip vibrated fiercely. I giggled and we took it back to her bedroom, where I held it against my chest and we laughed at this new experience.

Then, I slowly held it against my cunt. My friend gasped and I told her it felt nice. It wasn't long before I was lying on her bed with my legs spread and holding the heavenly new device against my bare cunt. It was wonderful.

I had never masturbated or cum before. If I held it over a certain bump (my clit as I later discovered) for long enough I would get a tingly sensation, and afterwards my cunt would tickle at the slightest touch. It continued for a few weeks - my friend and I would move the electric toothbrush across our cunts and it would feel great.

Soon I became addicted to this new pleasure. I would spend all our time together wanking. This pissed my friend as she wanted to hang out with me, not watch my juddering body through her duvet. So I begged her to let me take the toothbrush home and she agreed. I spent most of my free time in my bed watching the TV loud and with my small fan on to mask the noise of the toothbrush, which was quite loud. My parents didn't get suspicious but they certainly thought I was acting oddly. I don't think they ever found out.

Soon the toothbrush head broke off and I found the vibrations were deeper without it. It wouldn't take long for the batteries to run out and I couldn't use any of my dad's rechargable ones because he would miss them. So I was pinching batteries out of any old appliances just to use in the toothbrush. I couldn't use my alarm clock, my remote control, my camera or my mini CD player because I worn down all the batteries. It's funny now I look back on it.

It was difficult to hide the toothbrush from my parents, and if I did it would seem suspicious, so I tucked it away in my makeup drawer. I had become a nympho for my toothbrush - even trying to replicate it with my fingers in lessons at school and wishing my days away so I could be home jilling. The vibrations were gradually becoming slower and slower. The battery flap had to be taped down. I was disappointed at the lack of movement.

One day, I was wanking and I shoved the battery flap in because it was popping out, and the toothrbrush stopped. So did my heart. My solo source of pleasure had broken! I tried so hard to fix it, even showing it to my dad saying it was my friend's and she asked me to help her. No use, it was dead. I was heartbroken. I didn't masturbate for months - I thought it was pointless without the toothbrush. But on Christmas eve 2003 I was staying at my Nana's house and my parents went out with friends for their annual drink and meal with them. Nana was in her living room watching TV and I was in the other room curled up on the sofa under a blanket, watching my own TV program. I started absent-mindedly exploring my cunt and soon found myself with my hands down my pants using my fingers to stimulate myself. It was fantastic and I came for my first time in ages.

After that I masturbated regularly using my hands. I now do it every night, sometimes twice and I broke my record to three times last night. I've become quite an expert and know how to delight myself. I like to read Solo Touch and look at porn if I'm home alone. I use a string of heavy beads to help me. Most of the time my O's are pretty good. I've never had a spectacular one like I read about, but the other day I had the best I've ever experienced.

I would definitely reccomend electric toothbrushes! But only the ones with vibrating tips and preferably removable brushes. I recently bought a random one from a store but it was useless. I really miss my old electric pal, but it can't be helped!

Thank you for reading this, please comment. Solo Touch is the best!



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