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Too Self - Centered

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This is really a FFM story


I broke up with my boyfriend Kelly of three years about six months ago. He was not willing to put out, or get serious. He laid it off on his religious beliefs. I was beginning to get suspicions he was gay. We are both 21 and did get each other off in various ways not including intercourse, but I was dying to get laid. Well after six months of playing the field and one night stands, I knew what screwing was about, and I had met a bunch of real jerks!!! I was really feeling guilty about kicking Kelly to the curb. He had a new pixy redhead girlfriend Kana, with short hair and though only 5'2' had a tight body to die for. I don't go for girls but she might tempt me to the dark side if she were to try. I could definitely see why Kelly liked her.

So out of the blue I texted Kelly. He responded immediately. We chatted on and off for a couple days until I suggested we get together for old times sake. He says he thought it what ever we had was over. I was pretty harsh when I dumped him. He said he had a pretty good thing going and something about being burned. I told him I'd make it up to him. He said he was not interested in going steady, but he would join me for a drink after work.

I get to the bar Friday night and he is there with Kana. She is dressed to kill and looked good enough to eat. (Literally) I figured Kelly just wanted to rub my nose in what I'd lost. I almost turned around and walked out, but did not. I was dressed just the way Kelly liked, short skirt, silk blouse and lace bra showing through. I sauntered over to the table and asked Kelly who he had with him (knowing full well). She stands to meet me on four inch heels and looks me right in the eye. So much for wearing sandals, I would have liked to tower over her. She was pleasant and friendly grinning the whole time, like the cat who got the canary. I was not about to be shown up I was going to show Kelly I had everything he needed. We drank and talked and talked and drank ordered some bar food and drank some more. Kana really was a joy. There was nothing I could find about her to hate except she had my man. I kept bringing up things Kelly and I had done trying to kindle the ember that I knew must still be glowing. I kept snuggling to one side of Kelly as Kana drew close to the other. There were a bunch of single guys at the bar that night ready to pry one of us girls away but they could not figure out who was with who so no one took a stab.

As the night wore on Kana and I started really hitting it off. Between the wine and the two weeks without sex I was hornier than I had been in a long time. The conversation turned to sex. We all shared our best memory. Both Kana and my stories were arousing. When it got to Kelly, he was in a bind I don't think he really could burn the bridge. So he jokingly said 'tonight at the lake with both of you'. Kana and I looked at each other then to Kelly then back at each other. I was so horny I knew in an instant what to do. He had no intention of that happening. He just wanted to avoid the embarrassment of picking a best time, from the only two girls he had ever been with. I called his bluff. I said, I'm game let's go. Kana was shocked I had the guts to say it but once said, she was not about to show any sign of intimidation. She told Kelly let's show Jill what we do at the lake.

Kelly knew he was playing with nitro glycerin but, I know this would be an ultimate fantasy for him. Kana and Kelly had a talk while I went to the girls room.

We called a cab to take us to Kelly's parents cabin on the lake. We had all been there before, just not together. I figured this might be my only chance and having a piece of Kelly and after the looks Kana and I shared I knew there was something there as well this seemed a safe way to do some experimentation. We started a fire and lay out to comforters in front of the fire. Kana and I stripped and climbed under cover as Kelly got some wine and chocolate. Kana looked almost pubescent with her shaved snatch and rock hard nipples. She did not have an ounce of fat on her. I told her I'd love to suck her nipples based on her story or her favorite fourplay. Kana and I were well down the road of our own pleasure before Kelly showed up. Kelly suggested Kana get her bag of tricks. As she was gone Kelly said this was the hottest think he could ever imagine. He made it clear that he was still not in play, but I really wanted him back I would have to prove I was a nicer person than the girl who dumped him six months earlier.

Kana came back with a bag with various vibrators and two small dildos. Kana said she had Kelly trained to give the best orgasm possible. To which they started their show, as Kelly worked on Kana I started stripping him. His technique was taunting he had been working on her for at least five minutes but had not inserted the dildo yet or touched her clit. I finally spoke up 'give the poor girl a break and buzz her clit'. Kana said not yet he knows when. After a few more minutes of watching while stroking Kelly both of us girls were visibly wet to the point it was dripping down our legs I so wanted Kelly's cock inside me but as it was I could not entice him. He kept working on Kana. Finally he grabbed a small dildo I think it was intended for anal. I do not do that, but the thought that Tinkerbell was into that, had me dying for a cum.

Kelly put it in her cunt as he started to work the vibe around her clit occasionally nudging it or brushing over it for an instant. It was all I could do not to rip it from his hand and smash it hard on her clit like I knew I would have wanted. Out of frustration I grabbed a vibe and cranked it to high. I pressed it hard on my clit. In seconds I was over the edge and convulsing in spasms of ecstasy. Kana was obviously affected by my show as her breath was short and ragged I knew she was seconds away but just then Kelly backed off. He stretched her skin and exposed her clit it was visibly throbbing with her heart beat. She got on all fours and rotated her pelvis to expose her clit. It was as big as my pinkie. If I was in Kelly's place I would have sucked her through ecstasy.

Kelly shifted and blocked my view of her cunt. My gaze shifted to her breasts they seemed a third larger than when we lay down. Her nipples stuck out in the cool night air at least an inch. I knew I had to suck them. Just as I crawled under to suckle them, Kelly moved the vibe back to her clit. With his free hand he lightly danced his fingers over her abdomen and inner thigh. I took the clue and did the same with her other breast neck and arm. She went rigid and just started to shake. Then out of nowhere she let out a primal groan. Her hands shot to her clit forcing the vibe away. She continued shuddering for more than a minute as Kelly and I rubbed her back and front. Her nipple must have seeped something because it went from salty to sweet. I remarked that that was hottest thing I had never seen. Kana just smiled and wrapped herself in a comforter. Kelly remarked that was intense, best I have had the pleasure of being a part of. I remarked 'I like a more direct approach'. Kana piped up and said 'You will never know until you try', I said 'I'm game'. but Kana said 'you will not be able to do it you will want to finish yourself'. I protested 'I want an orgasm like that'. What I really wanted was Kana if I could not have Kelly's cock. Kana said to Kelly 'we could tie her up' Kelly said 'I doubt she would go for that'. Forced orgasm was a huge fantasy of mine. I said 'I will do it. Just don't leave any marks'. Kana and I started making out while Kelly got some line from the boat house.

I was dripping with anticipation by the time Kelly got back. Kelly was a boy scout and a sailor. He knew knots but it was like he had done this before, there was no fumbling or redoing, he had me securely bound in less than five minutes. Kana was kissing and licking the whole time. It was getting cooler and my nipples were so erect they ached. Kelly stoked the fire in front of us as Kana stoked the fire within. Kana grabbed the tiny dildo Kelly had used on her. I was quick to point out that I needed more. Kelly had an idea he went to the cabin and came back with a mini paddle he had gotten as a camp award. It took awhile to get it in but it had a flaired handle that hit my G spot that was awesome. Kelly suckled and caressed my tits as Kana worked on my cunt. I was ready to cum three different times but each time they backed off just before I was at the point of no return they were agonizingly masterful.

I begged Kana to give my clit attention with a vibe. I was so frustrated I'd take anything. She did not put it directly on my clit however, she worked me to a fever pitch edging me to the brink but easing off. If I was free I could have cum instantly. Finally as I was certain that I would will a cum, without their ability to stop me, but they stayed with me. I came!!! I screamed involuntarily as Kana pulled the paddle from me I squirted for the first time ever. The vibe was hard on my clit until my contractions stopped. I so wanted to curl in a ball and rest. But the lines prevented that.

As I lay there Kelly covered me and kissed me for the first time that night. He whispered in my ear that he was glad we could get together for old times sake but he was Kana's now. He was not trying to rub my nose in it. I knew it was over. Kana told Kelly to go in the cabin and she would untie me. Kana without having heard Kelly said the same thing. She would never do anything to hurt Kelly the way I had. They had done everything possible to make each other happy. When Kelly finished school they would be engaged. Kana said I was too self centered to be part of there life going forward. She said she and Kelly had a bet that if I went for my own pleasure without making sure Kelly was satisfied that I would have to be sent away for good.

It dawned on me that I had allowed Kelly to go into the cabin without satisfying him. Kana was right of course, I knew I was not ready for what they had. I slept out by the fire as they took the cabin. I got off a couple times to the sounds of Kelly being well taken care of, and called a cab early the next morning before they got up. I'm more into self pleasure now, until I find the right guy.



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