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Too Much Noise:the Saga

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Since the beginning of my problems with having my son listen in on my masturbation sessions, I have been seeing a conseling psychologist. Last session I shared with her the fact that I come to this web site and write my personal feelings and experiences. She told me that as long as I am prudent about meeting people on line, which I am, that writing about my feelings is probably a good idea. So here goes. My issues have become much more complicated.

My new 62 year old jacuzzi friend and I have been visiting each other, almost always at her place. We usually have a glass of wine and somthing light to eat like a salad (we are both watching our weight) after which we have been sitting on her couch kissing, and touching. On a number of occasions our time has led to mutual masturbation sessions like the ones we began in the Jacuzzi.

I have wanted to invite her to my apartment, but hesitated because of my son. As I mentioned before, he saw us hugging, kissing and touching at the pool and confronted me about it. A week ago he was scheduled to be at school for a project in the evening so I invited my friend to my place for the first time.

We had a few drinks and shared soup that I had made, then sat on my couch like we often did at her place. The sexual tension between us that evening was quite extreme. We had been talking about sex and making gentle touches all evening. As soon as we sat on the couch we were in each other's arms kissing.

My son was not scheduled to return for hours, but I was uncomfortable about making out with my friend in the living roomn, especially since we had begun to unbutton each other's blouses. To be more secure, I invited her into my bedroom and closed the door. This was the first time in our two month relationship that we had been near a bed and within minutes we were both undressed down to panties and touching each other everywhere.

I listened carefully to be sure that we were alone in the house and even as we were getting into kissing and petting I did not hear anything. As usual our lovemaking ended in mutual masturbation. We have not yet tried anything else, perhaps because neither if us thinks of ourselves as a lesbian.

After almost an hour of kissing and petting, she pulled away, declaring that she could no longer stand the tension, pulled the crotch of her panties to one side and began to furiously masturbate. I followed her lead, proppping myself up at the other side of the bed and watching as her fingers probed at her clitoris. We were uncharacteristicly noisy with her leading me in my touches, begging me to hold back and to do exactly what she was doing to herself. Following her lead I alternated between touching my clit, squeezing my nipples, and probing for my G-Spot (a technique that I had learned from her).

As we continued, our breathing became heavier and we began to moan and to call out each other's names. It was the longest session of lovemaking that I had ever experienced, and we never really touched each other after the mutual masturbation began. We climaxed togeather with grunts and gasps that I imagined that the neighbors might hear, but by the time we ended our session we were both beyond holding back.

When we were done we dressed, she hugged nme and quickly left, commenting that it was good that we finished before my son came home. I ushered her out the apartment door, returned to the kitchen to do the dishes and to my horror, my son was there.

When I asked him how long he had been home, he said 'long enough.' He apparently snuck quietly into the house, crept into his room and listened to us. I knew that he had been in his room because he had changed to pajamas and he had a very obvious erection that he didn't seem to mind displaying as he walked around the kithchen fixing a sandwich.

THe last thing that he said before he went into his room was somthing about how I had promised him that I wasn't a lesbian. As he said it he seemed shocked, hurt and disappointed. I know that this was a mistake but again I am not sure what do do about it. I really don't think that I am gay, but I dont know how to talk to him about this. I do know that he is making no attempt at all to cover up the sounds of his own masturbation sessions in his room at night.



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