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Expect the unexpected.


Recently I had to travel to Tampa via Miami on business for a couple of days. While in Tampa in my free time I visited a bathhouse and had a really pleasurable time engaging in things I cannot discuss here.

I am a thirty something Caribbean national. A mechanical engineer by profession, black, 5-10, muscular, good looking and nicely hung with a stiff cut 9x5 pipe that sticks straight out when hard. I like to keep my pubes trimmed and my average size balls shaved.

On my return home I had to go via Miami to Kingston where I live. After checking in at Tampa International I went to the gate and just prior to arriving I decided to go to the men's room. Just as I turned to enter both me and a well dressed Latino crossed paths. Our eyes made four in a long protracted stare as we walked by each other in what seemed like slow motion. I made my way to the urinals and started my business when up comes the same Latino taking the urinal right beside me. We smile at each other acknowledging the attraction then he shows me his fat uncut dick, pink and healthy looking. I start to get hard instantly and he does too. I show him my dick and he is equally impressed. While this is taking place we alternate between showing off to each other and pretending to piss while others come and go beside us. We eventually leave the restroom and meet outside in the waiting area.

We discover we are on the same flight to Miami. We exchange numbers and email addresses as we wait to board our flight. He tells me he is a layer with a masters degree in something for the life of me I cannot remember. He looks like he is in his early thirties, 5-7 handsome and masculine with a body to match. He says he lives in Mexico but is on his way to South Beach to continue his vacation there. The attraction between us is electrifying as we flirt with each other yet try to act like two normal heterosexual men. The time comes for us to board our flight to Miami, we part company and for the next 45 minutes my pulse returns to normal uncertain where this may lead once we arrive in Miami.

We land in Miami and I have two hours to kill before boarding begins for my connecting flight to Kingston. We disembark and meet each other at the gate. My heart quickens again at the sight of him, he is so hot. We walk along the concourse following the herd of other passengers from our flight heading in the direction of baggage claim.

We are hot for each other but have nowhere to go. On an impulse I duck into a family restroom and Tony follows shortly there after. As soon as he enters I lock the door behind him and we embrace in a heated kiss, talk about passion, our tongues intertwine and dance together. Like clockwork both our dicks harden; we know we do not have much time before we are discovered so we hastily struggle to release them from their confines. Once revealed I reached for his and he for mine as we kissed and jacked both pulsating cocks. There is a knock on the door and the handle turns but the door is locked and we momentarily disengage and freeze, not sure what to make of the sudden threat of discovery. We look in each others eyes panting as if we had just ran a five minute mile. The threat passes and we re-engage our heated affair. Due to the restrictions on this site I cannot go into all that we did in the ten or so minutes we spent in that restroom. The rest I will leave to your imagination, but needless to say it was mutually satisfying as we both erupted copiously on the floor. At the end we hugged and said our last goodbyes knowing we would never see each other again. We emerged from the family restroom one after the other like nothing ever happened then parted our separate ways.



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