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Tom's Room

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The experience I'm relating here occurred around 1964, when I was about 21 years old. I was on vacation from college, and was living at the time in Washington D.C. My sexual experiences had been limited to females, with only one or two brief encounters with males in bookstores, so I wasn't prepared for what was about to happen. I had a friend, whom I'll call Tom in this story, who had a room near Dupont Circle and commuted to his job in the suburbs. I had sexual feelings about him, but our friendship hadn't progressed to the point of physical intimacy (it eventually did, but that's another story). We had been driving around carousing that night, probably fishing on the river(memory is a bit hazy on that) and ended up at his apartment. In the conditiion I was in, I thought it would be better if I didn't try to drive home, and he had no objection to my staying the night. I crashed on the rug, and around dawn he woke me up long enough to say he was leaving for work but I could stay and sleep as long as I wanted. Gratefully I moved to his bed and went back to sleep.
When I awoke again, the sun was shining through the window onto the bed. I had an erection, as usual, and sleepily started masturbating, as I often did upon awakening. The bed was right under the first floor window and it occurred to me that somebody might be able to see me from the third floor windows across the street. I looked upward, but didn't see any activity up there, so I kept on stroking my cock, alternately covering and revealing it with the bed sheet, and finally pushing the sheet away altogether so that I was fully exposed under the window. I remember how strange and good it was to feel the warmth of the sun on my naked body, and how aroused I felt at the possibility that someone might happen to glance down and see my lean young body with this nice hard penis. Actually I was pretending that someone was watching me. I wound the sheet around my thighs and under my balls, and drew it slowly across my twitching cock. If I had thought someone was really looking, I wouldn't have had the nerve to put on a show like that. But was very exciting to pretend.
After I had been doing this for a while, the phone rang. I let it ring for a while, not wanting to be bothered talking to anyone. After about ten rings it stopped, but then it started ringing again right away. Thinking it might be Tom calling me from work, this time I picked it up. A strange male voice on the other end said, 'I've been watching you from across the street. You have a beautiful cock, would you let me come down there and suck it?' I was taken completely off guard. The words hit me like a lightning bolt. At first I said no, I just didn't feature it. He asked me why not, saying he wouldn't stay, wouldn't do anything I didn't want. He just wanted to suck my 'beautiful' cock. I'm standing there naked, with my penis still hard, and thinking that I really would like to have it sucked, so why not. 'OK', I told him, 'give me a couple minutes and then come on down.' I went in the bathroom and washed my crotch really well, pulled on my white bvds, and was on my way back to the bed when there was a knock on the door.
I opened it, and there was a man about 30 standing there. He smiled and looked down at my briefs, which were prominently tented out in front. At this distance from the event I can't remember much of the dialogue we had, but I remember he was soft spoken and polite, smiled a lot, and said nice things about my body, which put me at ease immediately. Then I was lying on the low bed, with him kneeling beside me. He ran his hand over the front of my underpants and quietly asked if he could pull them down. I have a sharp recollection of the thrill I felt as he lowered my briefs and watched my cock pop up, fully erect and exuding pre-cum fluid. He ran a finger up and down my shaft, and encircled it with his thumb and forefinger as if measuring the circumference of it. Then his right hand cupped my balls and he took my penis into his mouth.

This part of the incident was over all too quickly. After a few gentle, tentative mouthings, he went down on me with vigorous, up and down strokes, sucking hard and swirling his tongue around, and the sensations were so intense that I quickly felt an orgasm approaching. My dick had been hard continuously from the time I opened my eyes, and I guess it was ready. I tried to hold off climax by relaxing, by deliberately distancing myself from the action, but it was no use. The good feeling spread from my groin up and down my body, and all at once my semen was squirting into his mouth. I looked down and saw him repeatedly swallowing as his head rose and fell. For all the pleasure I felt, this was definitely not the most powerful orgasm I'd experienced; it came on too fast, without the leisurely buildup that precedes a really memorable orgasm. I wasn't complaining, however, and his continued sucking as my climax subsided helped to prolong the ecstasy. He made some 'mmm mmm' noises as he drank me dry, and when he finally raised his head, I saw that there was a driblet of my cum running across his cheek - a visual memory that still turns me on.
It was only another couple minutes before he was gone, and I was left alone again in Tom's room, already beginning to wish that the encounter I'd just had could have been longer and more elaborate. It was the first time I'd ever been pleasured by another man while lying naked in bed, and it could have been much better. But it was good enough, for starters.
I slowly got dressed and drove home, still aroused, and later that day I allowed myself a long, satisfying masturbation session in my own bed. The tremendous climax I reached at the end of this session made up for the weaker one I'd had earlier in Tom's room.
One nagging question that was never fully resolved, was how the man across the street came to have Tom's phone number handy. I speculated that he might have had a cross-directory and just looked up the address, but a more plausible explanation occurred to me when I was a little older and wiser. Perhaps he had been watching that window all along, and had met my friend previously. I never got up the nerve to mention my experience to Tom, so I never found out.



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