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Tom, the Bagboy (continued)

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Tom's Cum


So there I was, sitting in my car smelling the still warm cum made just for me. Looking in the canister I could see Tom was able to fill it about halfway. It was beautifully thick and white. It smelt intoxicating! My cock was throbbing hard and begging to be released. My mind was running 100mph! I could see him standing in the can jacking his hard cock working his load up for depositing in the film can. I imagined his smile as he started to cum and frantically trying to aim it in the right spot. I was soooooo hard. I undid my pants and pulled them and my underwear down enough to allow my cock out for some attention. I hadn't even started to leave the parking lot and I was leaking pre-cum all over myself. I can't remember ever feeling so much electric energy, I was even felling a little light headed. I dipped my little finger into Tom's cum and felt it! My cock throbbed and I could feel a surge of pre-cum travel up my shaft. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, I wiped my lips with my finger and tasted, for the very first time, the ever so sweet taste of a young man's ejaculate. What a jolt! It was stronger than the first time a girl ever touched me down there! My brain was in sensory overload! The image of him spurting out his cum and me tasting it was driving my insides forcing me to cum. I was so close to squirting all over I had to stop. I was still in the parking lot and suddenly became a little more aware of my surroundings. I gathered myself enough to inhale a deep breath of Tom's semen and carefully capped and stored the precious container. I left the parking lot for the highway and the trip to the cabin.

Although the rest of the trip is only about 20 minutes I continued to keep myself aroused like never before. I continually imagined Tom masturbating himself for me and encouraging himself to produce me a sample of his cum. My cock just kept seeping & seeping until I could not take any more. I pulled off the highway to a very wide shoulder and reached for the film can. I exited my car and went to the passenger side. I opened the door and checked the highway. I was a fairly quiet day and I thought I would be reasonably safe to take care of an extremely important and urgent need. I dropped my pants and briefs to my ankles and sat down on the seat of the car. Opening the container I checked and the cum was still bright white and even a little bit clumpy. I brought it to my nose and deeply inhaled. Lowering it to my lips I tipped it up until it's contents were waiting at my closed lips. I pushed my tongue through and into the liquid. My lips involuntarily opened and I let some enter my mouth. OH FUCK!
I swirled it around my mouth coating as much of the inside as I could. It was strong tasting yet very sweet. I could smell and taste it as if I was sucking it from the source! Not swallowing a bit I poured a small amount in the palm of my hand and carefully recapped the container and put it down. I used Tom's cum in my hand to lubricate my own cock with it and slowly pumped my cock from the root to the tip! I think I was stroking myself in slow motion for only about 3 or 4 pumps and my cum started erupting from deep inside me. My cum rocketed from me like when I was really young blasting over my head and all over my shirt. I continued to pour cum until it was running down my shaft and mixing with Tom's. I used my other hand to scoop up some of the mixture and hungrily licked it off my hand. I continued this until I could find no more cum to eat. My taste buds were awash with the flavor of cum and the smell filled my nose. And my cock, well I was still hard as a rock! I don't remember the last time I came and still had a boner that wanted to be jacked. I gave in and started again. I was beating my sticky wet cock when all of a sudden I realized the traffic had picked up. Jesus Christ, I didn't hear a thing before, how much was I unaware? How many people saw me? I quickly pulled up my pants over my rock hard erection and hustled around to the drivers seat and got going, my cock aching in my pants!



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