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Tom, the Bagboy

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I spend most weekends out of town at my property sometimes alone but most times with my family. The small town I go through to get there has a pretty good grocery store that I like to stop at on the way through. They have bagboys available to carry your stuff out for you between the ages of 13 and 15. Some are special needs while others are just looking to earn a buck or two. Every year brings new lads to the job while others leave. They are always nice, well-mannered young guys and some are quite cute. They wear sort of a uniform consisting of a white shirt, tan slacks with an pocketed apron. The pants often reveal their cute well-formed asses while the front through the apron I have even detected the bulge of their young packages somewhat teasingly exposed! While I am quite bi-sexual I've not been drawn to young teenagers not that they don't catch my eye. Sometimes they can just be downright fucking sexy. That brings me to this story. Last spring a new boy started at the store. A tall kid about 5'10"� and maybe 150lbs. Not skinny but actually a little soft looking. His smile knocked my socks off! He smiled easily and was very welcoming whenever I saw him. His name tag said his name is Tom. He looked to be about 14 and was cute as hell. His smile left a lasting feel good feeling every time I would see him. I found myself looking forward to seeing him any time I went there, perhaps even making excuses to go and even looking for him in town. It became a past time to daydream about things I might like to do with him if given the chance! So later in the summer I actually did have the chance. I was out by myself and needed quite few things. I never got them to carry out a small amount of bags but this time I did have quite a few. Best of luck, Tom was bagging my things. We exchanged several heartfelt smiles and a little small talk during my checkout and Tom was loading up on my bags. I was kidding with him saying I should let him carry it all and he just kept loading them up on his arm. I was frantically trying to figure out how I could possibly entice this young man to reveal his teenage hormones. We all know how they can be and I really did want to exploit them into providing some mental images for my personal activities later, if you know what I mean! I walked out following Tom and soaked in the image of his body and especially his tight young ass as he carried out pretty well all my groceries. The material of the pants was thin enough to let the lines from what appeared to be briefs, show through topping off his legs before turning into the luscious shaped orbs of his ass. What a sight! I watched him bending over my trunk as he put the bags in, his pants stretching tight as he did. The bags put away he turned facing me and let loose with that smile of his. Mmmmmmmmm I wanted to feel him up sooooo bad. It's then when I kind of blurted out asking if wanted to make a fast 20 bucks. He looked at me kind of puzzled and asked what I meant. I asked if he would consider doing something for me and it would only take a few minutes and no one would know a thing. He said he had to get back in because they were busy and he couldn't help. I told him he didn't need to do anything but asked if he could go back in and tell them he needed a quick bathroom break. I asked him if he would consider going into the bathroom and jacking off into a container for me and let me have it. He asked me if I was gay and I told not him that I was bi and that I thought he was the hottest young man I had ever seen. That I had never asked anyone such a thing and that I thought it was better than trying to get into his pants. The whole time he never stopped smiling at me. He said he only liked girls but maybe since he wouldn't really be doing anything that maybe he would. He also said he wouldn't take any money and that he would actually have some fun. He said he does do it sometimes at work so that he wasn't so horny all the time and asked what he should do it into. I said I had an empty film container and that I would get it. I handed it to him. He laughed and said it would not be very difficult. All of this took place in only a couple of minutes and his awesome smile never left. He said to give him a few minutes and he would be back. I waited for what seemed forever and I even started to get a little scared thinking he might have told someone in the store. Then my mind would shift to the image of him standing in the wash room with his pants around his ankles. God, what a rush! Just when I thought he was not going to come back I saw him pushing out a cart and a lady and her kids following. He looked over to me, you guessed with his smile as the mom pointed out her vehicle. I watched him load her things and she handed him a tip and they spoke for a little. He turned the empty cart towards me and pushed it my way. He looked so cute and I was certain I could see his bulging crotch under the apron as he got closer. Without really stopping he pushed it by me and reached out with his hand. He passed me back the film can and kept walking while smiling away and saying he would see me again. He told me to have a nice day and returned to the store. I was shaking with excitement as I got into my car, my hand clutching my prize. I sat for a minute thinking about what I had and how it came to be before bringing the canister up to my view. I can't think of a time I was more excited. I swear, the container was warm. Maybe from my hand but I was sure it was his heat. His warm load from his masturbation! I carefully opened the small container and brought it to my nose, OMG!!!



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