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Tom Showed Me

Posted by: Author: Age: 57 (14 at the time) Posted on: 4 comments
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Talk about surprised!


As the only English boy in the class of Irish lads I felt a real alien. In time things did settle, they mostly accepted me and I made particular friends with another boy in my class, Tom, and we would regularly visit each others houses to play. Tom was a little older and definitely more physically developed than me. He was taller and grown quite gangly with a deeper voice and a pronounced adam's apple. One day I was at Tom's house and we were in the back garden. It was early in the year and a bit cold outside so we went into Toms dads shed. "Do you want to hear a joke?"� Asked Tom, of course I did. "Well, there was this lad and he had a really long prick"� I giggled, amused both by Tom's use of the word prick and the mental image of this lad with a really long one. "Anyway, this lad and his girlfriend were going to a rugby match and he didn't know what to do with his prick so he wrapped it around his neck and pretended it was a scarf"� I giggled again. "At the match it was really cold so his girlfriend took hold of the end of his scarf and rubbed it to warm her hands."� I obliged by laughing because she was rubbing his . . . penis and didn't know it. Suddenly there was an announcement over the loudspeaker. "Will the person throwing ice cream on the pitch please stop!"� Tom finished and looked for my reaction. Anticipating the arrival of a good punchline I had started to laugh but stopped, confused; "I don't understand"� I complained "where did the ice cream come from?". "Wanking!"� Said Tom, "you know . . . trills?"� "Thrills?"� I questioned, but where did the ice cream come from?"� "You know, wanking! Spunk! Ice cream!" "Eh?"� I said. I had not heard of the first two terms and did not know how ice cream could possibly be connected with a boy's penis. "I'll show you"� he said and unzipped his trousers. He reached inside and fetched out his penis placing the waistband of his underpants behind his ballbag and paused to let me admire his genitalia. I was impressed, his penis was much longer than mine, even semi hard like it was and he had some pubic hair too which I did not yet. Tom placed his hand around the shaft of his penis, clasped it and started moving his hand up and down making the foreskin peel back and forth revealing the pink head. As he did this his penis grew impressively, now it was properly hard and much longer than mine even when I was hard! He stopped occasionally, peeled back his foreskin slightly and accurately formed and dropped a glob of spit on his pink end, then carried on. His foreskin made quiet slapping noises as it slid to and fro over the wet head of his penis. I watched intently, fascinated and aroused. He began to twitch and jerk and he closed his eyes and his head fell back making his adam's apple even more prominent. He groaned like he was in pain and he started to breathe in short gasps. I could tell something was happening and it sounded and looked to me like it hurt very much. Tom started to groan loudly and suddenly went "Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!"� and from his wee hole there shot a spurt of bright white fluid which fell in a stripe across the heap rough hessian sacks. Each time a spurt came out, Tom groaned but I could not tell if it was good or bad, it sounded bad but must be good otherwise he wouldn't do it. He stopped going "Ahhhh!"� moved his head forward again and opened his eyes. Lovingly he squeezed out the last few drops of the white fluid and wiped the end of his penis on the sacking. Tom's hand fell to his side and his twitching penis began to droop, a small drop of spunk forming as his cock slowly softened and shrank. We both stood silently looking at the white stripes of semen on the sacking. Tom proudly looked at me in amazement. Fluid seeped away from the bright white spurts into the hessian fibres darkening them and making the stripes stand out even more. "That was wanking"� said Tom. He pointed "there's my spunk. You try!"� A little self-consciously I unzipped my trousers and fished out my hard penis. I was quite aware of how much smaller my penis was but Tom was a bit older than me and a lot taller and more mature. I "wanked" my penis exactly as Tom had shown me, even stopping occasionally to drop spit on the head but nothing happened. To be honest it didn't even feel that nice. Eventually I stopped, "no, it's not going to do anything"� and I put my penis away with my foreskin tingling unpleasantly. "I will try again tonight"�. Leaving the semen proudly displayed on the rough sacking we left the shed and went off to do something else. Tom and I wanked together a lot after that. As the weather warmed we did so naked and continued for a year or so until Tom moved up a year at school and we stopped seeing each other but I am eternally grateful to Tom and think of him each time I have a wank. I have enjoyed quite an interesting wanking life and hope to share more stories of me and Tom and me and Paul. Thanks for reading



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