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So over last spring break I stayed at school for some band activities. I stayed in my fraternity house and mostly hung out with the rest of the band since all of campus was deserted for break. A few days into it my best friend and fraternity brother, Tom, decided to come back early to hang out with me. He hates being at home so wanted just to be back at school. So one of the nights we decided to just chill. We ended up watching a movie in my bedroom sitting on the couch next to each other.

By the end of the movie we started to talk about jerking off and stuff, which wasn't uncommon for us. We both do it a lot and know everything about each other. We're always very open together. We've even seen each others' penises several times (he is bigger). Like I said, we're best friends and brothers. So after a while I commented on his abs. He has a really nice athletic body. I lifted up his shirt and started to feel them. He really didn't care. Then before I could even stop myself I put my hand down his pants and grabbed his dick, then immediately pulled away. He was shocked, 'You just grabbed my dick!' I played it off and just said I was curious how big he felt. He didn't seem to care, was just more shocked than anything else.

Shortly after, we ended up watching porn and talking more about sex, porn, masturbation, and hanging out naked. I was like, I don't care if you see me naked, I'll hang out naked right now. Then I immediately got naked and sat there. He was a little shocked, but didn't care. He was a swimmer, nudity never bothered him. So he got naked, too. He has a great body. He had a happy trail leading down to a shaved penis. We continued watching porn together and after a minute I started playing with his dick. He kinda laughed it off and said, you just like playing with my dick, don't you? I said, kinda. It's interesting doing it to someone else. (He was getting kinda hard)Plus you seem to enjoy it.

So we were naked for a while and compared all kinds of things about our dicks. He was 7 inches and cut, I'm just under 6 and cut. He played with mine a bit too. After a little while we just jacked off right next to each other. It was interesting and fun to watch him do it right next to me. Not much later I was playing with his dick again and it got hard. So then I changed things up and actually started to jack him off. After a minute he said, If you don't stop I'm gonna cum. So naturally, I continued and he did. He said it felt awesome having someone else do it. He had never had somebody give him an orgasm before. I was surprised how much he came after jacking off not long ago. He returned the favor. He was really good at it. By this time I had to change the porno because we watched the whole thing. He ended up jacking off one last time that night next to me. I was too spent already to go again. I tried to give him a fourth one, but he said he was spent. Not to mention that it was sunrise by this time. We called it a night. I slept naked and he walked to his room where I'm sure he did the same.

The next day we joked about the night before. Since that night we became even more open about our dicks and jacking off. We jacked off together a few times, but only jerked each other off once in a shorter experience.



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