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Told To Masturbate

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This episode happened when I was 16. There was a girl at school who I happened to think was very cute and nice. She and I would talk often. Finally I worked up the nerve to ask her out to the movies and she said yes. So we were now dating and having a lot of fun. She had such a nice smile and a really great body.

The only negative thing about this was she wouldn't go any further than kissing. I'd go over to her house and we'd sit on her couch in the basement with the door open and just kiss. She loved to kiss. When I'd try to do more she'd laugh and say 'You know we can't go any further'.

Well, when the summer came around we went swimming in her in-ground pool. The pool was great and the backyard was very private. Usually it was the two of us swimming and the mom sunbathing. The mom had a very nice figure too. One day while swimming I got an erection that just would not stop. I was worried that either my girlfriend would see or feel it brush up against her as we fooled around, or, if I got out that her mom would see it. Michelle, my girlfriend, finally said let's get out and dry off so we can go out to meet some friends. I told her I wanted to swim for a little while longer.

The erection would not go away. After she asked me to get out a few more times and I told her 'not yet' I think her mom realized what was going on. Michelle was starting to get mad, her mom told her 'Can you go in the house and get the cordless phone for me please, it's upstairs?'. She did.

That's when her mom walked over to the pool towards me with a towel and said 'Why don't you step out now and wrap this towel around you.'. I did and she clearly saw my erection. I could feel my face turn bright red as I hunched over to try to hide it as best as I could. She then said 'I like you Tommy, you are very nice and respectful to Michelle. She and I talk and I know you never push her into things that would make her uncomfortable. I also know what it's like for a 16 year old boy. I think that it might be a good idea for you if you were to masturbate before coming over or even going out on a date with Michelle. It will make things much more comfortable for you.'

At this point I'm sure my face was the brightest shade of red it's ever been. I didn't know what to say or do. Michelle started to come out of the house at this point. Her mom whispered 'Keep the towel around you and I'll distract Michelle. You say you have to use the restroom and head directly there to take care of that erection for now, OK?' I nervously shook my head and did exactly what she said. When I got to the bathroom I shot a huge load that took a few minutes to recover from.

Afterwards I always jerked off before any dates or visits to Michelle's house. Funny thing is, her mom never acted any differently towards me or referred to the episode ever again. Michelle and I ended up dating for about two years and I never got more than some passionate kisses from her.



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