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Toilet Theory and Other Observations

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General observations from my many mutual experiences from Junior High to College.


I have been privileged over the years to have had many different jerk-off buddies. It started when I was 12 and continued until I was about 21 years of age. Before that I had explorer buddies when I was between the ages of five and nine years old. I remember the reason why I wanted to explore my friends, it was because of the variations I saw in penis shapes, colors and to some extent size; by the time I had full fledged jerk off buddies at age 12 this was even more true.

There were thin, baby-faced kids with fat, grown-up dicks and there were big fat hairy kids with skinny wieners. Things were not always opposite like that but I never knew what to expect and that added even more thrill to finding new partners. I had JO Buddies that were uncircumcised and it seemed like they had a foot of extra foreskin (embellishing of course), I had JO Buddies whose erect cocks looked like the arm of a hardcore bodybuilder not in size but in the fact that they had so many veins popping out. Between 12 years and 21 years of age, I think I have seen every stage of development a penis could go through with every kind of person Black, White, Mexican, and Indian, tall, short, fat, skinny, circumcised, not circumcised... you name it.

At age nine my innocent exploring came to an end when I had been caught by my sister examining closely my ten year old distant cousin's uncircumcised dick. She walked right in and caught me and held the threat of telling over my head every day for about a month. She would eventually back off but over the course of a year she would regularly bring the subject up when we got into fights. She never did inform our parents but just the fact that I had been caught scared me straight, so to speak.

At age 12 I was pretty aware of all the changes that were happening to my body and all the changes that lay ahead. That curiosity that led me to play exploring games with my friends starting in Kindergarten and ending when I got caught began to come back but this time it manifested itself in a more sexualized manner. I still had the basic curiosity which was how do my friends look in their private area compared to me and I think that everybody has that curiosity to some extent, hence the fairly well-known phrase 'curiosity glance'.

My first of many JO buddies was a black kid named Sam, he was a class clown. It was funny because Sam was not one of my regular friends before we jacked off together. I knew of him and I knew that he was campaigning to be listed in the year book as the class clown and before that we had spoken briefly; he asked if I would vote for him and that was it, we also had one class together that year but we were not seated near each other. During class if you needed to use the toilets you had to have a pass and bring a partner and Sam had asked if he could use the restroom but the teacher didn't trust the partner Sam had picked because he thought that they would play around so I happened to be the first person the teacher looked at and he told Sam not to take Johnny WhatsHisName and instead asked me to go with Sam. When we got in the restroom we were all alone and Sam peed in the trash can. I suppose this was a joke I really couldn't tell you his motivation but I was able to see his uncut black wiener which made me horny and so I stood over the trash can pretending like I had to pee but I really just wanted him to notice my erect cock. He did notice and before the week was out we ended up having our first of many quick jerk off sessions in the school restroom.

Including Sam I had four J.O.B's by the time seventh grade year was over, none of them was aware of the other as far as I knew. During that summer before eighth grade began I had an additional 3 people that I jerked off with at least once. Halfway through eighth grade I theorized that the people more likely to jerk off with me were the ones who stood far away from the urinals. My hypothesis was that the closer somebody stood to the urinal when pissing the less likely they were to become my J.O.B. I didn't even bother with the kids who would stand extra close and turn their bodies in such a manner to prevent anyone from seeing anything, I assumed that they were too shy. When somebody was a good candidate I would drop strong, almost unveiled hints that I was interested in jerking off and would not find it weird. As time went on I got better at dropping hints and better at picking would-be mutual partners.

I had three kinds of acquaintances; those I had jacked off with, those who I was 98 per cent sure I would eventually jack off with and those that I knew I would never jack off with. I remained friends with the third category of people but I never got as close to them as the people I jacked off with. How could you not become close with somebody who you shared such a private moment with, when you have seen each other's private areas in every state of stimulation? I mean I looked at a person differently after I knew things like whether or not they were circumcised; how far along in puberty they were, how much cum they produced, etc.

By the time junior year rolls around I still knew how to pick partners but things were becoming more complicated in that some of the partners I had for years either thought mutual sessions were something gay and it made them feel weird or what I found increasingly more was that they were contemplating whether or not they were gay. I never considered myself gay even when I regularly had mutual sessions but some of my jack off buddies wanted a deeper relationship and thought I would be willing to give that to them.

In College things were even more frustrating because I wanted my Jerk-Off buddies to be like the ones I had in Junior High and the early part of High School, where we could jerk off together one minute and act normal the next. Instead I met people that I would jerk off with and after two sessions they would be asking me if I was serious about a relationship. In College it seemed very few people got the concept of having a jerk off partner that was nothing more. When I was 21 I met one person who became my very last jerk-off buddy. We were having a session and he wanted to go a lot further than I was comfortable with so I told him that I didn't want to do what he wanted and he went home. I thought everything was alright until I started getting long, inane messages on my phone, which is when I decided that I passed the point in my life when having a jerk off buddy was a good thing.

I am very interested if anybody finds the things I've observed to be true. Did you find it harder to have J.O. buds as you got older? Is there any foundation for my theory about how far someone stands from the urinal being related to their likelihood to jack off with you? Were you closer to the people you were also mutual partners with? Did you instinctively know what kind of people were potential partners vs. those that you would never have a chance with? Did you ever find anyone to look completely different in the private area than you would expect (for example; the baby-faced kid with the grown-up dick, the fat guy with the skinny wiener)? At what age did you shift from exploring to full fledged jerking off?



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