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Toilet Peeping Tom

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Toilet Peeping Tom
I have always has this urge to watch men wank themselves, seeing them cum, shooting their load of. Especially if it came to men I did not know from a bar of soap. The fun part was you hope they know you're there, you know they know you're there, yet they make as if nothing, or nobody is watching them.
Fantasies have started right there in the toilet. No matter where a person goes, there will always be a toilet with a hole in the wall. If you sit down and peep you can see the other person Just, just, and yet you feel excited within - because you know what they are doing is not sitting on it for a number 2, or even a number 1. I continue to tell my first toilet peeping experience....
I was sitting ever carefully in the toilet next door, when - while wanking a bit, I suddenly notice rounded circle light falling on my jocks. Quickly I placed my hand within it and traced it - my word...I thought, this hole leads to the next toilet and guess what. When I peeped through it, I saw a huge bulging penis. Protruding in the air like a missile. The hand stroking it was slow in its motions, but the tear-drops of semen dripped its way down the forefinger. The guys legs were widening everytime his buttocks pulled muscle together. Without further ado I placed my hand as soft as I could on my dick and rubbed it. Being cut does have an advantage - you can endear much longer, and nothing is as painful as the sensation itself.
Suddenly an eye appeared at the hole and with a sudden jerk I retreated... left everything hanging, jotting in the air like a jack jumping from its box. At leas it was late at night, and the beach was closed to the public - only lovers and other adventurous people came to the beach this time of the night. This was a good ting, because as I jerked backwards, I actually fell off the toilet and could not halt with my feet - as my black jocks prevented me too. The eye still peeped at me. I got up, pulled up my pants and unlocked the door. As I opened it, there was a tall slender surfer standing in front of me. He had nothing on, put a towel. The minute I saw his eyes I felt bliss and blushed. "you watched me", I said. "You too", he replied and pulled me back into the toilet.
He took off his towel and all I could think of - "WOW, what a whopper. Easily 9", like me. Thick in rounding, a darker skintone than the rest of the body - and hair, dark black hair surrounding his manlyhood" "Suck it" - his eyes encouraged me. "What?" I was shocked, but ooh how I wanted to yank this 17 year old boys' dick.
"Suck it" He sat down and started pull down my pants and my jocks in one go. "Like this" his mouth engulfed my penis, which was erecting faster than a hummingbird could fly towards nectar.
I could feel his tongue touching my glands. First he licked them - like one would lick an ice-cream dripping of strawberry sauce. My shaft pulled and the semen within me pulled my bode into a jerking posture for at least 3 seconds. Now his lips was surrounding the edge of my head. In the meantime we have swapped positions, I am sitting on the toilet and he is now kneeling over my suntanned body. My hand slipped towards his penis and I could feel the drops. I remember how they looked like - so clean, so pure, just pure man. His foreskin came as a bonus, as I did not know at that stage how to stroke him - the motion came easier. He then told me "Play with yourself" I did. I clasped my left hand over my shaft, feeling my own instrument pounding away of the heat. My right hand I placed over the head, which was purple at this stage. I streaked the head with my right hand in a clock-wise-circle format, whilst jerking my hardened shaft with my left. Semen dripped, and a drop fell on his arm. He licked it. He stood up, grabbed himself and started jerking, I could see the glands stiffening, the head changing almost to a violet color, the cum-slit pulling and releasing frantically away. He came, right on top of me. The white liquid squirted with vengeance He pulled together, his breath wencing like he needed CPR His buttocks - white against the rest of his body pulled together, showing nothing muscle.
He relaxed and bent down, took some of his white cum in the palm of his hand and stopped my feabalish masturbating strokes. "Allow me", his eyes and smile complimenting each other. The semen he poured over my penis was warm, comforting, exciting. He then started to jerk, using the semen as a lubricant - IT DROVE ME NUTS.........
My heart started pounding faster and faster, my penis could burn from the heat, my skin wanted to tear and my glands could only pull together in one simultaneous jerking as I came. My cum came and heated every vessel in my dick, as it shot into mid air, free-flying into nothing and landing on his belly. I was still jerking, grabbing his hand, his hair, pushing and puling every energy level I could out of my body and into his handgrip. My breathing subsided and I relaxed. He kissed my forehead wiped me clean, placed the towel around him, unlocked the door and walked out - not saying a word, but - "Tomorrow night - you suck me." 



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