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Together Apart

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We hadn't done anything special for our 21st anniversary, but in the morning I was feeling horny and tried initiating a love-making session. However, I got a NO and a promise for the night, but I no longer believe in those promises. It has been so long since our last intercourse that I don't know when it was, but I recall that that it wasn't too fun. I know from 21+ years experience that the night held no promise.

Anyway, I insisted by stroking myself, pulling my foreskin up and over, back and forth, that I was going to have something then and there.

I insinuated my hand under her body and got a hold of her pussy. Little by little as I was wiggling my fingers in her lips and stroking my cock and playing with my balls, she became interested. HA! As she got wetter and wetter, my cock got harder and harder, and then as I dedicated more time to her and kissed and sucked her tits it deflated some. But I would play with her pussy and suck her tits and then return my left hand to stroking while keeping my right hand busy in her tangle of pubic hairs and labia.

At times she would move around and I could get my left hand on her butt to squeeze a cheek or reach for her vagina from the back to intensify her sensations. She would tweak my nipples or caress my chest and lower belly, but she never really got ahold of my on-again off-again hard-on.

I even got up to shut off the insistent cell phone so we could concentrate on our strange masturbation dance.

This tangle of legs, lips, and arms went on for a quite a bit with different permutations until she had me sit on her with my cock lying up over her belly. She commenced to stroke me and I reached around behind to tickle her pussy hairs.

A moment later she said, 'You're up too far. Move down.' That way she could use my now very hard cock to rub up and around on her clit and wet pussy. As I held myself up with my left arm, with my right I reached between us to use three fingers to rub across her mons veneris and reach over her hooded clitoris. She moved my dildo cock more rapidly, and so I followed suit rubbing my fingers on her trying to match her pace. She spready her legs wider and wider, something she rarely does when I reach for her pussy. I could hardly keep my balance on top of her.

Suddenly, she shuddered and clamped her legs shut and pulled my cock free from between them.

With that I sat up as she caressed my legs. I pulled my foreskin up and over my cock head jerking and jerking. She then wrapped her hand around my cock at the base so that we were beating my cock off together, me at the top and she at the bottom.

Then, looking down on her wonderfull jelly jiggling breasts and her contented smile, I shot off over her belly. Collapsing in a breathless heap to embrace her, I moaned in ecstasy.

We squished around for a moment and then it was time to get up and run to the shower and answer the phone messages and all. But before I hit the shower, I bent over and kissed her cum-smeared belly and licked her pussy twice just to put a fitting end to the great time.

As I walked towards the bathroom, I couldn't help but look back on her lying in the bed with telephone in hand and restroke my sloppy dick. I began to think of the time I masturbated while looking at her belly-down nude form while she talked on the phone. But it was time to get moving, so I dropped my dick and hit the shower.

That was only two hours ago. What do you think??

Would you like another account from the next time? Would you like to hear the phone call in detail?



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